Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We're Back

After being away for a month (yes a MONTH) we are back in PA and trying to settle in. Unpacking, doing a million loads of laundry, going to doctor appointments and so on.....
I will post more pictures of our vacation

My Sweet Family!!!!
Click on this one to see it larger.
It actually came out well with the timer although the two youngest aren't looking...
but thats ok, they didn't know where to look!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Catching Up... This Is Going To Be A Long One!

Well we had Thanksgiving this year early in October with all of Josh's brothers and their families and his parents. Then we celebrated Thanksgiving Day with just his parents at their house. It was SO relaxing and yummy! We had a great day together as a family. We set up our Christmas decorations the weekend before so that we could do it as a family and the kids and I could enjoy them for a few days before we left. The Saturday after Thanksgiving, my parents (Mimi & Poppi) came from NY to pick Will, Abby, and me up to take us down to NC with them. We made it down in exactly 12 hours with all of our stops. The kids slept only 1 hour of that trip but neither cried even one time. It was a really great trip down considering. I think Poppi prayed extra hard since he can't stand to hear kids cry.

While we have been down here Josh has been working extra and hunting! He shot this 10 point buck in PA last weekend! Good job babe!!!! So I will have some venison to cook up again this year :)! I really do like it actually.

Will was SO excited to hear that daddy got a deer because every time Josh would go hunting while we were home we would pray that he would get a deer and everytime he would come home with one Will was dissappointed.
My man and his deer.

Since we have been in NC .......

*My hair has gone from this -

TO THIS......

About 7 to 8 inches taken off.....


* We have had LOTS and LOTS of fun play time with Christy's children (Eli, Lilly, & Zac)


* We went to the Billy Graham Library

This was a neat place. Decorated inside and out for Christmas. The huge wreaths and lights all around were beautiful. The live nativity with a camel, donkey, sheep, and goats was fun to see as well. Inside the HUGE Christmas tree was decorate SO nice, there was a huge gingerbread house, and tons of things to look at in their store.


* And of course we get sick when we are away!

Abby has had a nasty cold for a few weeks now that has just settled in and not wanted to leave her. Will has a slight cold, but nothing major. Abby is now on antibiotics and a nebulizer (breathing treatment). I am just thankful we caught it before it got worse and praying these medications will get rid of it all quickly. It hasn't slowed her down at all though.

Here she is with her mask for the breathing treatment. It takes about 15 minutes and she never wants to sit still for even 5 mins, but she is getting used to it.


* The kids and I have been on the go down here. Visiting friends, visiting Mimi at school, going to stores that we usually don't get to go to, going to Christy's house. It has been so nice to be here with my family and I am thankful my wonderful husband allowed us to go away for such a long time. We miss you!!!!