Monday, September 29, 2008

Abbys new moves

So, Abby has been on the move since the day she was born I think. But now she is climbing more than ever and even walking. She is just about 11 months old already!

She climbs into this tub of shoes about 20 times a day. She loves it in there!

Will always tries to get in even though I won't let him.... not enough room for the two of them in there. We tried it once and someone ended up crying.

Here she is walking. She walks more than she crawls now and she is
getting pretty fast. She is also taking better naps from being
worn out!

This and That

These are just a few shots of random things going on here lately. I haven't posted in almost two weeks and its mainly because things around here have been "boring" and I constantly feel like I am going to throw up or want to go to bed. So, most of you know already.... but I feel this way because there is a little someone making me feel miserable right now. Baby #3 is on the way. We are thrilled and a little surprised all at the same time. This new one will join us, Lord willing, in May sometime. I haven't been to the doctor yet for an exact due date. So since I feel wiped out most of the time.... we haven't done much lately but lay around the house.

Just a cute shot of Abby with her fountain hair-do.

Will loves making tents and houses with anything and everything we can. Here Josh was attempting to sit in the house with them and read books.
One night last week we did venture out. We went to my sister-in-law's grandfathers house about an hour away. The boys fished and the girls hung around. Abby enjoyed their swing.

Annie fishing with the big pole!

Abby's first time fishing. So I guess the girls fished a little too.

Will is trying to use Aiden's rocket fishing pole.... still a little young for this - but that didn't stop him from trying over and over!

And I guess it wouldn't be nice if I didn't post a picture of my man with his catch!
I think he looks like he's in his glory, huh?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fun Weekend

This past weekend my cousin, Mike and his girlfriend, Melissa came to visit from Long Island. We had a great time catching up with Mike and meeting Melissa. They were so kind to bring us a trampoline that Oma and Opa didn't need anymore for the VBS for church. We set that up and hung out at home and then Saturday night went bowling. It was Will's first time bowling and he loved it... although he threw the ball down way before he was supposed to, but it ended up making it all the way down the lane. Sunday we went to church and then hung out before they headed home. Will and Abby loved Melissa's attention. Thanks for coming to visit!

Josh is the one that grabbed socks for Will !! :) He brought these church socks that are knee-highs. Will was a site to see! He still managed to make friends with the two older boys that were playing beside us. The boys had so much fun watching Will!

Josh helping Will throw the bowling ball. This is before we let Will do it on his own.

Mike, Melissa and Abby. My camera didn't take the picture fast enough when they were looking and smiling...

Probably not going to take Abby (or any child that young) to a bowling alley ever again. She wanted to crawl down the lane and threw fits when we would try to contain her!

Will and Mommy

They LOVE the trampoline.
Abby loves to try and stand on the side and crawls as fast as she can from side to side.

Will wants to go out on this first thing in the morning!
He could play on it 24/7!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Wills first time flying a kite. All day it was extremely windy and Will kept saying, "It's SO windy mommy... lets do our kite today." I kept asking him to wait until daddy got home so we could all do it together. Of course when Josh got home the wind stopped almost all together. They got it going with a couple bursts of wind. Later that night it was like storm weather out so we let him take the kite out again and we had great success! He so enjoyed this!

Here he was crying because he thought he should be doing it first
and Josh was just trying to get it started!

He got it!

On to another totally unrelated subject... my first eggplant! It is the weirdest looking eggplant I've ever seen. It looks like the shape of a shell almost. We'll see what it turns out to be. At least something is coming in finally!

and here is my little pumpkin. This is the second one I saw starting to grow. My first one stopped growing and died. So hopefully this one won't. No others are budding yet, so I'm thinking only one pumpkin this year.


Since we have moved in a little over a year ago, Josh has wanted to build a deck. We haven't been able to use our back sliding doors because of the drop and no deck. I didn't see it as being a necessity. So, I gave in. This is Josh's early birthday present from EVERYONE who ever gives him money for his birthday... haha, so Happy Birthday Josh!

I am happy that he did it though. The kids LOVE it and it is nice to be able to use that back door. Will now has a place to ride his bike on a smooth surface since we have rocks as our driveway. He is out here constantly. We ate dinner on our patio set out there last night and even though the sun was hitting us in the face, we enjoyed it!

These are the stairs he made the other weekend to the side of our house. Our temporary stairs that we had before were not the most practical as it was a high step up to get in and very narrow. It is so much easier to get in and out now, especially for Will. Great job Babe!

Here is the start...

Here is the progress made. He is finished other than making the steel railing in the shop.
Yes, that is Abby in the background heading for the side... I put the extra wood around the edges so she can't fall off and right after I took this picture I ran over and got her :)!!

Abby knows her boundaries... she is pretty cautious... but I
do follow her around every second up here.

The kiddos having a blast together!

Josh made a small "temporary" ramp for
Will to ride his bike down until we get railings on.
He had one slight wipe out... but other than that he has been
doing well.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Her hair is getting long... and doesn't look like it has much curl anymore :(

Ok- so Abby is just about 10 months old, that is too close to 1 for me! I can't believe she is almost there. She seems so advanced in what she does, but her little body makes her seem still "babyish" for me.

A couple weeks ago I took her in for her 9 month visit (at 9 1/2 months) and this is what we found out :

weight: 16 1/2 pounds (15%)
height: 28 1/4 (70%)
head: 17 3/4 (80%) -
I don't believe this one because she has the smallest head - or so we think she does.... so I'm going to have to measure it myself and see what I get.

She is now walking around holding on to things and will stand up on her own, just not trying to take steps on her own yet. I don't think it will be too long before she does though.
Still no teeth, but she eats everything that we eat and no baby food. She loves to do whatever her brother is doing and also loves to be outside. If she is in site of a door and I open and close it for any reason, she starts screaming. She has a very strong personality, although she is shy because when she is around others she is usually quiet and just observes. She claps her hands all the time and points a lot too. Josh and Will both pointed all the time as babies.... so its cute to see her do it too.

She really loves to cuddle now when I get done feeding her and gives kisses. This makes my day. I absolutely love cuddly babies and she never really has been one until now.

Whenever I ask the Lord to give me joy, I just need to look at my sweet little children!
Last night we were looking up what our names all mean and Abby's means, "My father is joyful." That is fitting with her middle name being joy.... so she has a lot of JOY in that name! Sweet baby of mine, I hope you are filled with Joy all your years!
(I'm sure Gigi's smiling!)