Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Her hair is getting long... and doesn't look like it has much curl anymore :(

Ok- so Abby is just about 10 months old, that is too close to 1 for me! I can't believe she is almost there. She seems so advanced in what she does, but her little body makes her seem still "babyish" for me.

A couple weeks ago I took her in for her 9 month visit (at 9 1/2 months) and this is what we found out :

weight: 16 1/2 pounds (15%)
height: 28 1/4 (70%)
head: 17 3/4 (80%) -
I don't believe this one because she has the smallest head - or so we think she does.... so I'm going to have to measure it myself and see what I get.

She is now walking around holding on to things and will stand up on her own, just not trying to take steps on her own yet. I don't think it will be too long before she does though.
Still no teeth, but she eats everything that we eat and no baby food. She loves to do whatever her brother is doing and also loves to be outside. If she is in site of a door and I open and close it for any reason, she starts screaming. She has a very strong personality, although she is shy because when she is around others she is usually quiet and just observes. She claps her hands all the time and points a lot too. Josh and Will both pointed all the time as babies.... so its cute to see her do it too.

She really loves to cuddle now when I get done feeding her and gives kisses. This makes my day. I absolutely love cuddly babies and she never really has been one until now.

Whenever I ask the Lord to give me joy, I just need to look at my sweet little children!
Last night we were looking up what our names all mean and Abby's means, "My father is joyful." That is fitting with her middle name being joy.... so she has a lot of JOY in that name! Sweet baby of mine, I hope you are filled with Joy all your years!
(I'm sure Gigi's smiling!)


Christy said...

Those pictures are beautiful... I still have yet to learn how to make my pictures b & w. Anyway, hope you are doing well... please call soon.. I called the other day... I don't know if you got the message or not. I tried on your cell phone.
Love you and miss you lots.