Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fun Weekend

This past weekend my cousin, Mike and his girlfriend, Melissa came to visit from Long Island. We had a great time catching up with Mike and meeting Melissa. They were so kind to bring us a trampoline that Oma and Opa didn't need anymore for the VBS for church. We set that up and hung out at home and then Saturday night went bowling. It was Will's first time bowling and he loved it... although he threw the ball down way before he was supposed to, but it ended up making it all the way down the lane. Sunday we went to church and then hung out before they headed home. Will and Abby loved Melissa's attention. Thanks for coming to visit!

Josh is the one that grabbed socks for Will !! :) He brought these church socks that are knee-highs. Will was a site to see! He still managed to make friends with the two older boys that were playing beside us. The boys had so much fun watching Will!

Josh helping Will throw the bowling ball. This is before we let Will do it on his own.

Mike, Melissa and Abby. My camera didn't take the picture fast enough when they were looking and smiling...

Probably not going to take Abby (or any child that young) to a bowling alley ever again. She wanted to crawl down the lane and threw fits when we would try to contain her!

Will and Mommy

They LOVE the trampoline.
Abby loves to try and stand on the side and crawls as fast as she can from side to side.

Will wants to go out on this first thing in the morning!
He could play on it 24/7!


Mari Fontana said...

Fun....My kids love the trampoline too...sal and I have had our fun on it too.

Jen said...

Trampolines are little blessings, they help to get lots of energy out!! Miss you, Jen

Christy said...

how funny, love the socks... I am surprised you allowed will to wear them there! hahaha! That is something scott would do also! Mike and Melissa are really cute... I think she is beautiful! Go mike!

Clinton and Misty Dosio said...

Hey Sarah! Your children are so cute! My blog will be so much more interesting when we have kids to talk about! :) How did you get this blog layout? I'm completely illiterate as to how to work this thing. Hope you guys are doing well.