Wednesday, May 14, 2008

You're a Mom!

The joy of being a MOM!!!! Happy Mother's Day to all of you mommies :). Since I was a little girl.... I always wanted to be a mom when I grew up. And now my dream has come true thanks to these two little cuties. Thank you Lord for this precious gift that I wouldn't trade for the world. Thank you Josh for helping me raise these kids.
This mother's day was so fun. I was served breakfast in bed :) and then we went to church and had a relaxing day at home spending time with each other. I was so blessed.
Here is a link to a song by Go Fish that Will and I listen to ... it describes a mom so perfectly.... it makes Will dance, and me smile. Enjoy!

Monday, May 12, 2008

LEGO Birthday Party

This past weekend was Will's cousin, Aiden's birthday. He turned 4 and had a few friends over for a fun celebration. Will LOVED going to a birthday party. He thought it was so much fun and was definitely into ALL the food and games!

Getting ready to play RED light Green Light

Abby enjoying the party cup

Sweet girl in her bow
(Will calls them her rain"bows")

Will and Annie eating together. These two can really EAT!

Abby and Papa - both squinting, but we were thankful the sun came out!

HE kept trying to master this, but couldn't get it. Maybe next year... he still enjoyed it.

Pin up the Lego Game

Will's turn

Aiden's turn

Lego birthday cake
Yum Yum

6 Months already!

Time is flying by! I feel like I just sat down to post about Abby's turning 5 months. Well she is now 6 months and is still a little one!

She is now:
  • saying DaDa all the time
  • she loves sucking her thumb
  • she laughs whenever Will is paying her attention
  • she loves to watch Will
  • she rolls over all the time
  • loves anything with a tag on it
  • she is sitting up on her own for a little bit (until she sees something she wants, then she falls over trying to reach it)
  • scooting backwards and around in circles when she is on her belly
  • wants everything in her mouth
  • always wants people in her view....she starts crying when she realizes she is by herself
(i will leave a room, hear her cry, go check on her and when she sees me she stops)
  • decided she only wants to eat oatmeal, but hey at least she's eating something now!
Here are a couple recent pics of Abby at the park.
(People say you take less pictures with each child - I guess that isn't true for me. I love taking pictures whenever I can. Maybe its just a hobby for me.)

Friday, May 9, 2008

Long Island

We went to Long Island last weekend to visit family. We had such a great time seeing everyone. Will loved riding on the golf cart, riding horse, looking at the tractors, playing with Christian (his cousin), jumping on the air matress oma had there for him, and spending time with Oma and Opa and the family.
Thanks Oma and Opa for having us - we had a great time and love you very much!
Abby was past nap time here - thats why she isn't looking so happy

The first time Will was on this horse he liked it and I forgot my camera. Then we went back to get the camera and he wouldn't get back on the horse.... but Abby enjoyed it!


For all of you who visit our blog - first of all, thanks for being a part of our lives :)
Second and more important- I am asking for you all to join me in praying for my little niece Lilly Grace Tennyson. This is my sister Christy's second child. Lilly is going to be two in September and she has been sick on and off (but mainly on) since she turned one. It has been a rough ride for her. Ear infection after ear infection. She catches every cold and sickness that goes around. She has had bad allergies and a few other different things going on. Lately she has been very sick with a couple ear infections (after having tubes put in), strep throat, pneumonia, and very high fevers. She had blood taken a few days ago to test for cystic fibrosis and other immune disorders. It came back with counts that were not normal, but Christy didn't remember which counts where what. The doctor is sending them to an allergy specialist and an immunologist.
It would be nice if it were just bad allergies that are triggering her to catch every sickness and not be able to get rid of them - because they would be able to take steps in the right direction to help her get better. We know that God loves this little Lilly more than we do and has her in His hands. Please pray for Christy and Scott through this time with all the different tests Lilly has to go through. Please pray for Lilly that she will be healed and they will find out what is going on.
Thank you for praying!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Daddy's Boat

The kids are enjoying daddy's new boat just as much as he is. He sold his boat that was given to him 2 years ago. He gutted it and fixed it up and used it for a couple years and then decided it was time for a fishing boat. His other boat was not as good for fishing. He has been out on this one a few times and is very happy with it. We were thankful his other boat sold so quick. Will loves it at home... so hopefully he will get out on the water with dad soon.

The Sun?

It was finally warm and sunny here. We were out all day for a few days at least. We are now in another cold streak. While it was sunny Will played in his sandbox a lot and Abby played on her blankets or in the bumbo. Will also played with his trucks in the dirt constantly... but what is more fun that that for a 2 year old boy?

Im glad she keeps hats on - she has VERY white skin (from her mom unfortunately)!

So content in the sandbox

Abby really loves this swing that we have on the front porch. Will spent a lot of time in it last year... now its Abby's turn.

We were thankful for those few warm days and are waiting for the warm weather to come back!

Its Officially Fishing Season...

All i can say is YEAH!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy its fishing season again. No - not really... but Josh is...anyone surprised about that? He was out in the cold water with his nice tight fishing wetsuit. I wasn't worried about any girls looking at him while he was gone :)!

Nice pose! He didn't want this on the blog.. but he knew it was inevitable.

Josh took Will down the street to our friend's pond where he knew Will would catch something right away. It was their first time fishing together. Will enjoyed it for a short time. He caught at least 4 fish right away. He didn't really want to touch them though - Josh is going to have to work with him on that one.
Aww... father/son moment!
That shadow is Abby and I - just watching the boys.

Will's first fish

Reeling it in! VERY SLOWLY!