Monday, August 24, 2009


Nate was a little crazy about blowing bubbles today.

But he just loved it!

Daddy caught this fish in our creek and Will put it in the kiddie pool. He survived for 2 days. Will named him Bubbles.

Does Nate Look Like Mommy?






Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nathan's Many Faces

Say What?

Belly time. Getting so strong. Crazy bug eyes!

Elvis smile.
He is enjoying the bumbo... although it makes his spit like crazy (oh wait, he always does that)... well, it makes him spit more than crazy I guess....

Kissy Lips.
(His hair looks spikey in this picture because I had greasy cradle cap goop in it to get rid of the dry skin)

Getting ready to smile....

There it is!

Big Yawn... enough pictures mom!
I could eat this guy up!!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Beach Blessing

The middle green house is where Josh, the kids and I stayed for a week after leaving my moms. We had such a great family vacation. It was extremely relaxing, which is what we needed! This is my first vacation I felt rested from.
My dad's friend let us use this condo that he rents out. It was such a blessing to be able to go there for free and have an amazing time spending such quality family time.
So, here are just about a million pictures from our trip.... and I didn't even share half of the pics I took.... I know, I'm camera happy!

Josh diving into the waves.

Abby walking with her baby down to the beach.

Will and Abby playing in the sand together.

Love this picture of Will squinting.

Abby and mommy. She is making a weird face though.

Abby and Josh letting the waves crash into them.

A little daddy time.

Will being silly in the water. Finally enjoying the ocean. The kids were scared of the ocean and the waves the whole week, until our last day there. The last day they decided they would give it a try again, and they loved it!

Will loved picking shells.... haha, he takes after my Oma (grandmother).

Nate's setup on the beach.

Trying to get all 3 kids to look at you and smile... not the easiest.

Abby just loves holding baby "date" or baby "deet" and she calls him. He is just about as big as she is.

Me and my sweet Nate man.

Nate isn't happy taking family pictures.

Family picture with the timer. Not the greatest, but it will have to do.

The kids had enough pictures already.
Me and the older two.

Alligators are Will's favorite right now. We went to the zoo one day and there were tons there.

Me and Nate next to the giraffe. One of my favs.

Josh, Will and Abby in the lion mouth cutout.

Beautiful white tiger.

Will with his alligators.

I have never seen a turtle so small. It was so cute. An Abby sized turtle.

The aquarium was only a couple miles from where we stayed - and so we took a trip there one morning.

Looking at the fish and sharks.

Nate slept on and off the whole time.

These seahorses were neat. So tiny and so intricate.

Nice face Will.

This lake was right down the street from where we stayed and it had a playground right there and a walkway around it. We went here several nights to let Will ride his bike and to allow Josh and I to get a nice walk in.

Here is Will riding his bike while we were on our walk. He loved it!

Some playground time, trying to get some energy out before we took them out to dinner.
Surprisingly, we went out to dinner 3 nights and all 3 kids did was such a blessing!

Nate enjoyed the walks as well.

We had such a great time away together as a family. The ride home was a rough 13 hours, but it was worth it.