Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nathan's Many Faces

Say What?

Belly time. Getting so strong. Crazy bug eyes!

Elvis smile.
He is enjoying the bumbo... although it makes his spit like crazy (oh wait, he always does that)... well, it makes him spit more than crazy I guess....

Kissy Lips.
(His hair looks spikey in this picture because I had greasy cradle cap goop in it to get rid of the dry skin)

Getting ready to smile....

There it is!

Big Yawn... enough pictures mom!
I could eat this guy up!!!!


Christy said...

he's gettin' so big... I love the picture with the goop in his hair... too cute!
Love you

Jen said...

Love all the pics!! He is so cute, I could just eat him up too!! Please MOVE closer!! Love you!!