Monday, January 28, 2008

Crabby Abby?

The other day my father-in-law called Abby, "Crabby Abby" and it definitely does describe her sometimes. It used to be all the time that she was a crab, but now its mainly when she is out of the house. She is a homebody. She hates going shopping - i know what kind of girl is she? :) She hates her car seat. But if she is at home she is a happy smiley baby. Unless Will is shoving a pacifier in her mouth too hard, when mommy isn't looking. He's just trying to help and do what mommy does. Anyway, Abby has been much happier lately and just loves when you look at her and talk to her.

How could this sweet face be crabby right?

Josh calls her "little poppi" - because we think she looks like my dad.

I love her in this adorable hat my friend Rachel just sent us. Thanks Rachel! It comes with booties and a shall, how cute.

Mamma's Girl!

Mamma's Girl!

Little update on Will: He is talking in sentences more - although we can't understand them half the time. He is full of life and always on the go. We attempted potty training and that was not on this two year old's agenda. He loves his sister - a little too much sometimes. He is our big boy now. We are so proud of him because he now goes to the two year old room at church. No more baby nursery. He doesn't need his blankets there anymore either and he leaves his room for a little while each Sunday to go to the "big house" where all ages of kids meet to have praise and worship. The Sunday school teachers said he is just amazed when he is there. I wish I could watch it. One of the songs he sings now is "God is so good." We are so thankful he loves to go to church and be influences at such a young age.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Will Turned 2 Again!

Happy Birthday Will. He turned 2 on Jan. 9th and had his birthday in NC, but he had to have another party with daddy of course. So we had another birthday on the 20th. He was excited that it was his "birthday again." We had nanna, pappa, and my cousin mike over. Josh made a tractor on the cake I made. It turned out great and Will loved it! It definately was a tractor theme birthday. He got some sort of tractor from everyone. He was thrilled!

The black from the wheels looked lovely on his teeth.

I think Abby is checking out his tractor.

There she is again checking it out. Nana has to hold her back.
Thanks everyone. Will had a great second, 2nd birthday!

Friday, January 18, 2008

NC family visit

On the flight home from Florida we had a layover in Charlotte, so I did not take the connecting flight and stayed in NC. Will, Abby, and I stayed in Charlotte for two weeks while Josh went to work in Buffalo. We had a great time with mimi & poppi and aunt Christy and her family. Here are some shots of the fun we had.

This is the line up of kids waiting for lunch. Never a dull moment.

Mimi and Will flying down the slide at Monkey Joe's. What a fun place. Will was worn out after playing for an hour because he wasn't feeling well. He would lay down and suck his thumb in the middle of the bounce houses while kids were jumping all around him. Poor guy! But he had fun before he pooped out.

Lilly is such a happy girl! She's growing up too, she started walking while we were down there.

And the two littlest. Although Zac and little don't really go together :). He is a big boy, like all the boy babies in our family though. What a cutie. Abby and Zac were buddies. Always napping next to each other. And laid back Zac would not be bothered by uptight Abby's constant screaming.

This picture is of me and the kids on Jan. 3rd, my anniversary. Josh and I just celebrated 4 years! Time flies. Josh sent me these beautiful flowers as we were apart from each other on this day.

Now this is the look on Will's face on his birthday as he saw his Thomas balloons when he walked in the door. He was thrilled.

The Thomas rode around on the tracks.

Will had a great birthday. Again we missed daddy, but we will celebrate it again with him. He loved his Thomas cake and Thomas dvd's mimi and poppi gave him.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Holidays in Florida

So Christmas night we flew from NY to Florida with the two kids on our laps. What fun. Will being a few days shy of 2 was still able to fly free and sit on Josh's lap. We are glad we never have to do that again.
Once we got to "gigi's" house we had a blast. Will and Josh went swimming every day and Josh of course went fishing almost 24/7. So we were all happy. Well except for Abby. She didn't like traveling so much. She was fussy most of the time, but we still love her!

We went to the beach one day. The water was actually pretty warm. Josh and poppi went fishing and Will, mommy and mimi played with the sand and the water. Will loved the sand this year.

He would go down to the ocean, get water in his bucket to bring back to his hole in the sand and only have a few drops of water left after spilling it on the way back. That kept him entertained for a while.

Abby tried to take a snooze under the shade.
Gigi with her two great grands! What a privilege!

After Gigi's house we went to the east coast to our friend's house, the Johnsons. Josh fished in the back yard most of the time. He caught a couple sting rays.

Thanks mom and dad for a great Christmas present. We had a wonderful time with you all. Can't wait till next year.

Gehman Family Christmas

Christmas morning we went over the my in-law's for the Christmas story, presents, and a yummy lunch! Josh first read a children's version of the Christmas story from a book that rhymed, so cute. Then Grant read Luke 2 with Will and Aiden on his lap.

Abby slept through the entire story and the gifts. So mommy opened her gift for her.

Will enjoyed his helicopter, trucks, tool set. Thanks nana, pappa, aunt kate and uncle jason!

Our Christmas Morning

We woke Will up Christmas Eve morning to do Christmas since we were leaving Christmas day for FL. He loved opening presents this year. He would open each present slowly and carefully, I know that will change in the years to come. Josh, Will, and I had a special time that morning relaxing together and enjoying just being a family. We are so thankful for each other.

After we were done opening presents I asked Will what he wanted for breakfast. Popcorn was his choice, so he watched his Thomas movie and ate popcorn. Life couldn't get any better for him.

Abby in her Christmas dress. She is starting to smile now.

Lovin' her daddy!
And daddy is loving her for the moment because she is not screaming like usual!