Thursday, January 17, 2008

Holidays in Florida

So Christmas night we flew from NY to Florida with the two kids on our laps. What fun. Will being a few days shy of 2 was still able to fly free and sit on Josh's lap. We are glad we never have to do that again.
Once we got to "gigi's" house we had a blast. Will and Josh went swimming every day and Josh of course went fishing almost 24/7. So we were all happy. Well except for Abby. She didn't like traveling so much. She was fussy most of the time, but we still love her!

We went to the beach one day. The water was actually pretty warm. Josh and poppi went fishing and Will, mommy and mimi played with the sand and the water. Will loved the sand this year.

He would go down to the ocean, get water in his bucket to bring back to his hole in the sand and only have a few drops of water left after spilling it on the way back. That kept him entertained for a while.

Abby tried to take a snooze under the shade.
Gigi with her two great grands! What a privilege!

After Gigi's house we went to the east coast to our friend's house, the Johnsons. Josh fished in the back yard most of the time. He caught a couple sting rays.

Thanks mom and dad for a great Christmas present. We had a wonderful time with you all. Can't wait till next year.