Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

Happy Belated Easter? :) If thats a term. Finally getting our Easter pictures up. We had such a nice weekend up here. It was REALLY warm for this time of year, which was so nice! Last Easter we had winter coats on, and this Easter we were wearing short-sleeves!
Josh and I got to go see the Easter production at our church on Wednesday with some friends and NO kids ! Then over the weekend we had lots of outside time because of the beautiful weather. Sunday was a really nice church service and then we had an egg hunt with Will and Abby in the backyard before naps. After nap time we went down to my in-laws where Josh's two older brothers and their families were all there to do another egg hunt and dinner. We are so blessed to have our trust and hope in a risen and loving Savior who defeated death and the grave!

Up to something - as usual! This is the dress I made her from a shirt of mine. I got it from this website...
and it was so much fun to do!
Like our fancy easter baskets?

My 3 pumpkins!

My sweet Boys!

Abby trying to get her egg open.

Natey so excited about Abby's dora ball!

Love him - he's getting way too big though!

Here Will hugged Abby and said "I'm going to give you one of my Easter eggs
because I love you so much!"

And Abby takes the egg and runs.... haha. Such a love/hate relationship.

She loves to swing.

Here's my little helper in the kitchen as I was getting food ready for our meal.

Nana waiting with the youngest so they could start finding eggs with a little bit of a head-start.

The newest Gehman family member. Sweet Ansley!

Oops - haha, she dropped one!

Trying to find the eggs that he hid.

Silly Picture!

All 10 cousins minus the 3 little ones who don't stand yet. Waiting to get Prizes.

We had a great weekend of celebration.
Happy Easter - or as my parents say, "Happy Resurrection Day!"