Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Will and Abby go to Awanas at a church nearby. They go once a week and have stories, crafts, games and learn bible verses. A couple of weeks ago it was crazy hair night. They had so much fun with this and on our drive over I heard Will every few minutes say, "Mom, can you see if my hair is still ok?" Too cute!

Nate is just silly all the time. Always putting hats on and this time he actually put it on the right way to be playing his music ;)!

Snow Days

I feel like we've had snow here for a whole year! It's been white here for a while, and its been really cold some days (coldest was -17)! We have tried to get out at least once a day, if not more. Will really enjoys it this year and can stay out for FOREVER, Abby is doing a whole lot better than last year and can last about 45 minutes! Now Nate, he is just like Abby was last year.... can't move much in his huge snow outfit and doesn't last very long. He really does enjoy eating the snow though. Here are some pictures of the last couple weeks outside.

Here is a mound of snow the Josh put in the middle of the yard with one of the tractors from work.

Then he dug a tunnel through it. He said they used to do that as kids all the time.

The kids love the tunnel, and the dogs do too, its funny the dogs are always chasing each other through it.

Josh also hooked up the sled to the back of the gator to pull Will and Abby around while I stayed inside this day with Nate while he had the stomach bug.

They did that for a while until Will flipped over pretty good!

Nate doesn't love going sledding either. He will go once or twice and just because we want him to get used to it, but he cries everytime!

My 3 little snowbabies!