Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Abby turns 2

My little tiny peanut turned 2 November 9th. I'm a little late in getting this post up. Abby LOVES everything Veggie Tales. She is constantly singing the theme song, always asking to watch them, and loves coloring pictures of them. We made her a Bob and Larry cake and she was thrilled with it! She is still talking about her veggie tales birthday.
We had Josh's parents and brothers and their families over for her birthday. 12 kids and 8 adults. They roasted marshmallows outside and jumped on the trampoline. Then we all went in the basement and had cake. Abby opened presents and then we pigged out. It was simple and fun.
Abby is my feisty little girl. She is all of 21 pounds (only 1 pound more than Nate). She is potty trained, although doesn't do well when we leave the house. She loves to sing, dance, hug, eat, push, giggle, climb, and run. She doesn't like to listen, get her teeth brushed, share, be quiet, sit still, or smile for the camera! She is a challenge, but I'm praying that strong will turns into strong faith! I love my little girl and I'm so blessed by God to have her!

Listening to everyone singing to her.

Licking the icing off her fingers.

Showing off her cupcake shirt I made her.
(got the idea from a cute blog, fun to make, but time consuming)

Love the faces on these guys. I cut the shapes out and put the noses on and Josh created their "look."

Riding on her new horse!

Happy Happy Birthday!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Another Video

I just couldn't resist. Nate's laugh tonight was so funny. He was getting blotchy in the face because he was laughing so hard. True happiness! Enjoy!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


YES, I DID dress them up in several different outfits, and tried several different days to get a "GOOD" Christmas picture. Nate doesn't like to look at the camera, Abby doesn't like to smile, and Will gets a plastered smile after about 2 pictures. It is so hard to get a good picture of them. Here are a few of the "TAKES"! They definitely got me laughing! Josh was a trooper and tried to help me get a few pictures, although he thought I was crazy for how many times I tried to get a good one. I think I'm a "wanna-be" photographer. Love taking pictures! I'm so glad I'll have all of these memories captured!

Dress Up

Since we visited family in NC, we were given some dress-up clothes that my niece, Lauren, is too big for now. I didn't think Abby would be into it that much yet.... but she is! She loves wearing these dress-up clothes, dancing like a ballerina, and telling me she is a princess. Oh NO, the drama!
She is potty trained now, and its quite hard to hold this huge dress up while she is going potty... but she doesn't want it off.

"Why are you taking my picture while I'm going to the bathroom, Mom???"

She cracks me up!

Needing to Catch UP

I have been slacking with the blog lately. I wanted to post things in order, and I guess that may have to wait. Once I get a few pictures of Abby's bday, I will update more. For now, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been praying for Nate. His last appointment with the specialist was on November 10th and he had a great checkup. He is developing as any normal child would and he is meeting milestones appropriately. He is a big boy just like Will was. He was 19 pounds 3 oz. He was in the 75% for his height, weight, and head. I met with the nutritionist and she told me that I can put Nate on a regular, heart-healthy diet. So, nothing strict - just the recommended fat count that anyone "should" be intaking. He had more bloodwork done to test his carnatine levels to see what dose he should be started on. Will and Abby had DNA bloodwork done as well and we will know those results by January.
I just got his results from his carnatine levels and they are almost in the normal range. They do not want to start him on supplements because they said he is making enough of his own at this point. I'm so thankful for that! Carnatine doesn't taste good and it upsets the stomach a lot of the time in children this young. God is keeping Nate healthy right now and for that I'm thankful. My "Thanksgiving" was extended.... but I guess our "Thanksgiving" should be ongoing - for we serve a mighty God!

We had a great Thanksgiving in NC with all of my family. It went by WAY too fast, as usual though. I will update with pictures of that at some point as well.

Here are just a few pictures of the kids with their pilgrim hats. I taught them about pilgrims and indians before we went down to NC. Will had a blast acting out the roles, singing songs, and making different crafts.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Future Career?

When I looked over at Abby this morning, this is what I saw....

New Hair Product: Sugary Milk from Cereal = Major Lift!

Looks very modern :)

What do ya think Aunty Christy??? Am I following in your footsteps....hairdresser or maybe not??

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Candy Corn and Candy

So this week we were doing the letter "C", and what better thing does "C" stand for than CANDY! :) (in kids eyes anyways) So, we made Candy Corn crafts and cute Candy Corn shaped cookies that we found on a blog. The kids and I made the dough in the morning, and then after dinner Josh made the cookie shapes with them.

Will and Abby were icing their cookies. They were on a sugar rush that night!

A closer look at the cookies.

Nate wanted to get in on the fun.
Here are the kids from last night, halloween. Due to the swine flu and regular flu going around up here, we decided to only go to Nana's house and to one neighbor and then back home to do a candy hunt at our house. We are really trying to keep any sickness away from nate. After only going to those 2 houses, Will said, "Wow mom, look at all my candy, I can't wait to go home and eat it. You can have a piece, I can have a piece, and daddy can have one. " It was so cute to see him wanting to share his 5 pieces of candy!

Abby the flower, Will the turtle, and Nate the lion.

Nate kept frowning when I would clap to try and get them to look at the camera.... it made Josh and I laugh so hard! The things we do to our kids :)

Running down to Nana's.
Hope you all had a fun and safe halloween. We enjoyed being together as a family and having more of a layed back year.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


The other night Josh and I decided to carve pumpkins with the kids. We thought it would be fun for THEM! They didn't like the slimy mess. So Josh and I ended up doing all the work. But they enjoyed watching and seeing the finished productS!

Abby tried on one of Josh's work gloves to give it a second chance, but she still didn't want to do it.

I made Will put his hand in for a picture... haha, mean mommy. He made sure he got it in, but didn't touch anything!

Josh making silly faces as usual.

From left to right...

Will's pumpkin (tractor), my pumpkin (a 'G' for Gehman), Josh's (football with a wing, for the Eagles), and Abby's (bob the tomato, since she loves veggie tales)

Nate just watched everyone and ate some rice cereal :)! That was his second try with the cereal. He didn't care either way. He kind of just let it all come right back out.

Friday, October 16, 2009

October Winter

Yes, Snow in October. Josh told me that it hasn't snowed in October in over 5 years. Yippee.... or not really! haha. We have enjoyed playing in it today, but man it has come a little too soon this year.

This is what we woke up to this morning, and it has been snowing lightly ALL day!

Abby didn't know what to make of being bundled up. She didn't move much.... such a different pace for her! It was nice for a change :)!

Abby and her friend Kylee.

Will and his friend Cayden.

The kids had fun playing in the snow. I'm glad we had friends to play with because after taking FOREVER to get all their snow gear on, I didn't want them to want to come into the house after only a few minutes. Crazy weather, but they had a blast!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Long Overdue

I have been meaning to post pictures of the house w/ the rock gardens for a while! I wanted my mom to see how her plants blossomed, grew, and looked great! A few things died, but thats because the night she planted them, we had a late frost... go figure!

Corn stalks from our garden - and our painted pumpkins.

The flowers!

This back small rock bed we just put down. We haven't mulched it yet or added much to it.
Just showing our slow progress! Thanks for looking, now you can all come visit to see the real deal :)!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Nathan's News

So, we got the news on Nate's DNA testing. It is all really confusing to say the least. I've been trying to find more information on the internet and that isn't happening. Before the test, the doctor told us the reasoning behind DNA sequencing is to see whether or not Nathan has one or two of the mutated MCAD genes to show us if he is somewhat of a more severe case or not. So after the test, I wasn't even worried about getting the results. I just KNEW that he didn't have a severe case. I felt in my heart he was just FINE. Also, from how long he was going at night without feedings and how healthy, alert, and active he was.... I just figured he was fine.
The nurse practitioner called a few days ago with the results that came in early, so i was caught off guard right away when she told me they were in. When she told me has has BOTH genes for MCAD, I was absolutely shocked. I really wanted to cry, but I was just silent. Then I asked, "So does this mean he has a more severe case of MCAD?" Her response was, "Theoretically, but we won't know until his first or second illness that makes him not eat or throw up. Every MCAD patient is different." So now I feel like its a waiting game. I don't want him to get a sickness that causes his MCAD to act up at all. However, we will not know how severe his case is until that happens. He has been sick for two weeks now with a nasty cold that turned into bronchiolitis, and he has eaten well through it all... thank you Lord! I am human and sometimes wonder why these things happen to our sweet little babies... and then I also am reminded that he is alive and well for the most part and in my arms today. God is sovereign and I know that He can still heal Nate. I also know this may be His will for Nate's life to bring Him glory through it all. Either way, may your name be praised Jesus. I know Nate is a gift!
Thank you all for your prayers! We still need them and are so grateful for them all. I pray that I will know when to act on his condition.
Now, we take Nate on November 24th for re-evaluation, check up, and carnatine levels. He will be started on carnatine (enzyme that helps him break down some fat for energy) then. Also, we will be taking Will and Abby with us because the doctor wants them to have DNA testing as well. I think its just because of Nate having both mutations to see if they are carriers , but I wasn't totally sure on that one.

He continues to be such a content and happy baby. He really doesn't cry much at all. He loves to cuddle and snuggle, my favorite!!! He is usually smiling, loves jumping in his new bouncy seat, and doesn't like taking naps in his car seat (although he is happy in it). He will be 5 months old next week - going by TOO fast! HE weighs 17 pounds now... a bruiser. Although he almost weighs as much as Abby does currently, he doesn't have Will beat at 5 months of age.

Nate is always chewing on something. Usually fingers and toys, sometimes chins and shoulders...

Here he is getting his breathing treatment. He really just wants to chew on it.

Thanks for following along and being by our side through this.
(oh, and for listening to my ramblings)