Thursday, December 3, 2009

Needing to Catch UP

I have been slacking with the blog lately. I wanted to post things in order, and I guess that may have to wait. Once I get a few pictures of Abby's bday, I will update more. For now, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been praying for Nate. His last appointment with the specialist was on November 10th and he had a great checkup. He is developing as any normal child would and he is meeting milestones appropriately. He is a big boy just like Will was. He was 19 pounds 3 oz. He was in the 75% for his height, weight, and head. I met with the nutritionist and she told me that I can put Nate on a regular, heart-healthy diet. So, nothing strict - just the recommended fat count that anyone "should" be intaking. He had more bloodwork done to test his carnatine levels to see what dose he should be started on. Will and Abby had DNA bloodwork done as well and we will know those results by January.
I just got his results from his carnatine levels and they are almost in the normal range. They do not want to start him on supplements because they said he is making enough of his own at this point. I'm so thankful for that! Carnatine doesn't taste good and it upsets the stomach a lot of the time in children this young. God is keeping Nate healthy right now and for that I'm thankful. My "Thanksgiving" was extended.... but I guess our "Thanksgiving" should be ongoing - for we serve a mighty God!

We had a great Thanksgiving in NC with all of my family. It went by WAY too fast, as usual though. I will update with pictures of that at some point as well.

Here are just a few pictures of the kids with their pilgrim hats. I taught them about pilgrims and indians before we went down to NC. Will had a blast acting out the roles, singing songs, and making different crafts.


Jen said...

Wow, Sarah you have a gift!! I think I see a homeschool mom in the future!! I am so thankful as well that God is helping Nate to stay healthy!! I will have to give you a call next week to catch up since it will be a crazy weekend for us, but then again when isn't it crazy!! Love you!!