Thursday, December 2, 2010

O Christmas Tree

Searching for the perfect tree!

Found it!

Trying to get a picture of the 3 kids while daddy starts to cut down the tree.

Nate did NOT like the sound of the saw, yes we took the easy way out again and went with the loud electric saw.

Love the holidays and family traditions!

We got this tree a few days before Thanksgiving so we could enjoy it some before we went away for December.

All decorated & it lasted till we got home another month later from our travels!

Some Crazies

Some crazy hair from the trampoline!

Right now we have lots of snow on the trampoline, so the kids are missing their favorite toy, but sledding has been fun too!

Nate is always up to something!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

3 Already

Isn't that such a sweet face??? Abigail Joy turned 3 yesterday! We are moving on up from terrible two's to terrible threes (Don't let the sweet face fool you)!!
I'm kidding... She really is such a sweet girl, when she isn't being a normal toddler! Here is what comes to mind when I think of my Abby girl...full of life, lots of energy, loves giving kisses & hugs on her terms, buck teeth (because of her love for her thumb), crazy hair, quick to get over things, tiniest body ever, & loves her babies (which she calls her "kids").

Here's the birthday girl, in her birthday shirt I made her with 3 scoops of ice cream! She is ready for the family to come so she can eat her cake :)!

About to get up and cuddle with her Pappa. She loves to sit and hug him! And I love Nate's smile in this one!

Since she is obsessed with All things Abby Cadabby.... thats what she wanted her cake to be this year. So, daddy didn't disappoint his girl when it came time for her to see what he did with her cake.TA-DA! Abby Cadabby's face in a huge cake!

Will lifted her up for her to see the cake for the first time. She was SO excited!

She opened her presents in record time. This year she just went from one thing to the next looking for more and more gifts. She played with her presents more today, but last night she went crazy fast.

After presents, we sang and ate the cake. She had so much fun playing with her cousins and being wild (like usual).
With Abby there aren't many dull moments, but she is a keeper. I love her so much and I'm so thankful for a Mamma's girl (unless she's being disciplined... then its cries for daddy). She loves to read and sing to her "kids", twirl like princesses, and play with her bestfriend (Will)!

Happy 3rd Birthday Abby Joy!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010


Will's favorite show right now is Tom & Jerry, so when I was yardsaling a few weeks ago I found this Tom costume and couldn't pass it up! He was beyond thrilled when I showed it to him. So of course, Nate had to be Jerry the mouse.

Abby has wanted to be Abby Cadabby ever since we went to Sesame Place and met her! So she was so excited to be her and wanted to go back and tell her in person!

All 3 had so much fun looking at all the different costumes and of course getting and eating CANDY!

First house getting the loot.

Will and his buddy Aiden.

Abby and Annie, princesses!

The cousins.

My sweet girlie! She wants to be dressed up everyday now!

My boys look so cute as Tom & Jerry!

Carving our pumpkins. I thought it would be fun to get Josh a HUGE (that is an understatement) one this year! He could hardly lift the thing let alone carve it. He politely suggested I get one a little smaller than that next year :) (my bad)!

We had friends come a couple days prior as well and we did a trick or treat candy hunt at the house! :) Thomas the tank and a purple care bear!
It was a fun halloween and I was thankful there were many creatures out this year. My kids weren't scared at all ~ YAY! It was just a lot colder this year than last so we hurried home toward the end. Now its time for mommy to eat all their chocolate candies!

October came and went WAY too fast!

In the beginning and middle of October we still had some very warm days that were just perfect. So we basically lived outside.

The kids like to either play baseball, throw frisbee (yes even Nate gets in on the action), or jump on the trampoline.

Nate's hair is getting really long :). Here he is next to one of the window wells on the side of our house where the kids are usually getting frogs, worms or caterpillars.

Mimi came up for a visit just when the leaves were in full bloom and it was beautiful. So we took a drive to the PA Grand Canyon bike trail and took the kids on a bike ride to look at the leaves.

My 3 cuties.

We took lots of breaks from riding bikes because Will wasn't feeling too great and was having a hard time riding his bike for long periods of time.We did lots of jumping...

wrote names in the pebbles...

and walked around taking in the scenery.

Then we got back on our bikes before we headed back home.

We also took advantage of one of the beautiful nights and after Josh got back from work we hiked up one of the mountains nearby that my mom has wanted to every time she has come up but hasn't because I've either been pregnant or had a newborn :). So on our way up we rode a small part of it in the Gator because of the cows nearby. Nate was thrilled to see the cows up close because that is his favorite animal right now.

The kids and daddy on the Gator. Josh took the kids for a ride while Mimi and I hiked the trail and gathered acorns while we needed some "rest" periods to catch our breath.

View from partway up the mountain.

Our fam together on the rock.

Everyone gathering more acorns for the wreath I made. The kids actually loved finding them.

Then one morning before we took the kids to the pumpkin patch we took them out to take some pictures.

I love how they turned out and show lots of their personalities.

I'm so thankful the Lord has blessed me with these 3. They are my joy!

Pumpkin Will @ the patch. We were the only ones there that day!

We walked through the corn maze and got lots a couple times and Will fell in the mud! Good times!

Will and Abby completely confused at which way to go, and so was I.

They each picked out a corn from the maze, husked it, and then put it in this old hand cranked machine that took all the kernals off of it.

The both loved turning that rusty old wheel.

Then we had our own personal hay ride!

Such fun memories with family!