Wednesday, November 10, 2010

3 Already

Isn't that such a sweet face??? Abigail Joy turned 3 yesterday! We are moving on up from terrible two's to terrible threes (Don't let the sweet face fool you)!!
I'm kidding... She really is such a sweet girl, when she isn't being a normal toddler! Here is what comes to mind when I think of my Abby girl...full of life, lots of energy, loves giving kisses & hugs on her terms, buck teeth (because of her love for her thumb), crazy hair, quick to get over things, tiniest body ever, & loves her babies (which she calls her "kids").

Here's the birthday girl, in her birthday shirt I made her with 3 scoops of ice cream! She is ready for the family to come so she can eat her cake :)!

About to get up and cuddle with her Pappa. She loves to sit and hug him! And I love Nate's smile in this one!

Since she is obsessed with All things Abby Cadabby.... thats what she wanted her cake to be this year. So, daddy didn't disappoint his girl when it came time for her to see what he did with her cake.TA-DA! Abby Cadabby's face in a huge cake!

Will lifted her up for her to see the cake for the first time. She was SO excited!

She opened her presents in record time. This year she just went from one thing to the next looking for more and more gifts. She played with her presents more today, but last night she went crazy fast.

After presents, we sang and ate the cake. She had so much fun playing with her cousins and being wild (like usual).
With Abby there aren't many dull moments, but she is a keeper. I love her so much and I'm so thankful for a Mamma's girl (unless she's being disciplined... then its cries for daddy). She loves to read and sing to her "kids", twirl like princesses, and play with her bestfriend (Will)!

Happy 3rd Birthday Abby Joy!


Christy said...

great pictures of Abby girl... I hope you told her we love her and tried calling her earlier that day. Great shirt you made her, I am telling you, you need to start your own business out of your basement!
Love you

Jen said...

Loved the pics Sa!! Josh did another awesome job on her cake!! Love you!!

Katie J said...

Love the pictures of Abby! What a cutie! I love that she is so full of life!!! I wish I could see you all and we could enjoy a few days of the kids just playing and us talking! I miss you lots!! Thanks for posting this! Love you!