Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010


Will's favorite show right now is Tom & Jerry, so when I was yardsaling a few weeks ago I found this Tom costume and couldn't pass it up! He was beyond thrilled when I showed it to him. So of course, Nate had to be Jerry the mouse.

Abby has wanted to be Abby Cadabby ever since we went to Sesame Place and met her! So she was so excited to be her and wanted to go back and tell her in person!

All 3 had so much fun looking at all the different costumes and of course getting and eating CANDY!

First house getting the loot.

Will and his buddy Aiden.

Abby and Annie, princesses!

The cousins.

My sweet girlie! She wants to be dressed up everyday now!

My boys look so cute as Tom & Jerry!

Carving our pumpkins. I thought it would be fun to get Josh a HUGE (that is an understatement) one this year! He could hardly lift the thing let alone carve it. He politely suggested I get one a little smaller than that next year :) (my bad)!

We had friends come a couple days prior as well and we did a trick or treat candy hunt at the house! :) Thomas the tank and a purple care bear!
It was a fun halloween and I was thankful there were many creatures out this year. My kids weren't scared at all ~ YAY! It was just a lot colder this year than last so we hurried home toward the end. Now its time for mommy to eat all their chocolate candies!


Jen said...

LOVE all your pictures!! Give hugs and kisses to the kiddos. Love you!!