Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mommy Time

Josh went out of town on Friday for one night to be in a fishing tournament so the kids and I had some time together. We played for a while outside before we went in to get a bath.

Will is flying high in this swing. Josh built a swing set out of metal at his shop that Will loves. I will put up more pics of the set.

Abby loves being outside. Now that she is crawling its hard to keep her happy in her little exercausers for long.... but she likes to play in the dirt and watch Will. You can see her hair curling up on the sides. She has my frizzy hair... it was humid out.

So then I put them in the bath to get cleaned up. They love being in the bath together.

Here is a little clip of how happy Abby is being in the bath with Will. Sorry its a little dark.

The bunny and the monkey....
I love them in these towels.

After I put Abby down for bed Will and I had our first "date." We watched a movie and ate popcorn and then he slept in my room with me to keep me company while daddy was gone.
I had told Will all day that we were going to have a date that involved eating popcorn so the entire day he kept asking me if he could eat our date now.... he makes me laugh.

Just For Laughs

So - this is what I saw when I looked out the window a couple days ago. This is the view from the side of my front porch. An Amish man tied his horse to the dumpster while he went into the shop to order something from Josh. How funny is this? Considering I grew up on Long Island and then lived near Charlotte..... now I live near the Amish. God has a sense of humor.

All Grown Up

These are pictures from our last week at story time at the library. We go every Wednesday morning to hear a story and usually do a craft. This week it was packed because people knew that Mr. Weaver was doing his famous puppet show. His show lasted about 45 minutes and I didn't think it would hold Will's attention for that long. Will sat on one of the kid chairs and I stood in the back of the room. He didn't move the entire time. He was mesmerized by these puppets. I was a little nervous that he may pee his pants since he has only been potty trained for about 2 weeks now. He didn't have an accident and he sat quietly the entire time. Wow - he definitely impressed me.... what a big boy he is!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Where did Abby go?

Lately this is where i find Abby if I leave her alone for any amount of time in our living room.

Once she gets under there and sits up she doesn't know what to do and just cries until i rescue her.

She is into everything now and getting around pretty quickly. She loves that she is able to move around now, especially when she can get to toys that Will is playing with. She is growing so fast! She is filling out some now and clothes are starting to fit her better :).

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Well we are back in PA after a month of being away! Yes a MONTH! We were in VA for a week and NC for 3. It is nice to be back in our home and somewhat back to a routine, but we sure do miss the family! The 11 1/2 hour drive back actually wasn't all that bad. Although I only drove 2 hours of it :), thanks to my wonderful husband. The kids and I are so happy to be back with daddy. We missed him so much. Every morning when Will wakes up he says... "Daddy's here!" Too cute. I love the bond between them. I will post more pictures of the trip once I get them from my mom.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Water Park

This is the water park we went to just about every other day. The first day we went Will cried most of the time when water was splashed on him. After warming up to it that first day he LOVED it. He started going down the slides and trying to go in the deeper water. He is always cautious though..... wonder where he gets that from.

Will and his cousin Eli. Buds! Will wanted to follow Eli everywhere.

Abby and mommy sitting in the shallow end, so refreshing on those hot days. A couple days down there it was 99 and 100 degrees.... talk about extreme heat - especially for us northerners!

Will loved the shallow part where he could swim/walk on his hands.

Mr. Zac man. So cute and roly! He just lounged in the water. Content baby.

Sweet Abby girl with her sun hat. She actually kept it on. She loved the water also. She would splash so hard it would hit her face and she would just smile.

Miss drama. Little Lilly and her daddy Scott. Lilly loved to make this face at me. She enjoys the water park but wants to be independent and do everything herself. She doesn't mind if water gets all over her, as long as she is not being told where to go :). She's too funny.

On the move

Abby is SO close to crawling. She is always moving and scotting around. She loves to get on her hands and knees and rock. 7 months old already!

Showing off her tattoo!
So glad it washes off quickly though :).

Bottom up. She does lots of face plants. But doesn't mind them a bit. She is going to be moving fast in no time.

Tweetsie Railroad

Mimi, Will, Abby and I spent one of our days at Tweetsie Railroad in Blowing Rock, NC. The mountains were beautiful there, although I didn't like the ride up them especially with construction on the mountains! We made it there and Will was beyond excited. His face lit up when he saw Thomas. He kept yelling "Thomas the Tank Engine!" We were there for 4 hours and it was worth the drive up. Will had a blast and was worn out afterwards. I think Abby enjoyed it too :)!

Family shot with Toppy! Toppy is what Will started to call Thomas when he was just starting to talk.

Here is Sir Topham Hat. Will didn't want to go near him. Waving from afar was best for him.

Playing with some toys.

This motorized thomas set was Will's favorite. He played with this while Mom and I ate lunch. He was here for about an hour and screamed when we left it.

Riding another train. This one took us in a cave where mice were building a cheese train or something. Will was crying on this one ....

On the boat ride , thinking of daddy. He got in trouble for touching the water, oops!

Driving the car with mommy. He doesn't watch anything while he steers, hopefully this will change one day!

This is the view of the road going up to the top of the mountain while Will and I rode up on the gondola. Mimi walked up this 1/4 of a mile with Abby sleeping in the stroller. Go MIMI!

Will and I on the gondola. He loved this!
Me - not so much.

Abby getting her first tattoo! It was the pink train. We did this to show Will it doesn't hurt. He still would not get one.

He picked out his red James tattoo, but never let them put it on him.
He wanted it to go on his shirt.

All Aboard!

Getting ready to ride on the thomas train.

Will and Mimi on the train ride.

Abby on the train ride. She loved chewing on the water bottles. She was a happy girl the whole day.

Will watching the skit with the cowboys and indians.

Thanks for a great train ride!

Before we left the park Will jumped on this Thomas inflatable. It was so hot out, but he didn't care. He loves these jumpies!

What a fun day! This was all of 2 minutes after we got into the car. He was exhausted.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

A glimpse of sunshine

Although it looks like a normal day of fun, these couples hours outside where the only sunshine we had today. I took Will in to the doctor's this morning because he had a fever for two days now and he wasn't sleeping well at night. He also was complaining of his ear saying it hurt and there was a fly in it? weird! It ended up just being a virus, but at least he doesn't have an ear infection. He was sleeping on and off the entire day, but had a little burst of energy so we took advantage of that and filled up the pool for some fun.
So focused on getting that water in there. What a big helper.
His new phrase is "Let me try."

Little cutie - taking it all in.

I sat on the chair so I woudlnt get too wet. Wasn't too successful.

Will kept crying because he didn't want his bathingsuit on. We let him have his way this time because we were at home and he was sick...

She is a water baby. The water was cold and she didn't mind a bit.

Mimi and Poppi's House

Well we made it down to Mimi and Poppie's on Memorial Day with no traffic - don't know how- but it was a gift from God! He knew I couldn't handle more traffic with my kids cranky in the car. All in all the kids both traveled very well on the way down. So we are back in good ole' sunny NC. We are really enjoying our time down here although we are missing daddy. Its extremely hot down here to us, but we are trying to find things to do to stay cool.
Will with his famous "duh" expression. He really was having fun riding this bike, we just didn't capture that with the camera.

Will adores this cat - Brookes. He talks to him like he understands. He says "Hi kitty, you really like me. Your'e happy to see me." Too cute! He is so gentle with this cat which is hard to believe considering how rough he is with our dogs.

Abby is faking us out here. She looks like she is happy to be eating but she usually isn't. She will chew on anything and open up her mouth, then when the spoon full of food gets there she closes her lips tight. What a stinker!

Hi Daddy! We love you!