Friday, June 6, 2008

Tweetsie Railroad

Mimi, Will, Abby and I spent one of our days at Tweetsie Railroad in Blowing Rock, NC. The mountains were beautiful there, although I didn't like the ride up them especially with construction on the mountains! We made it there and Will was beyond excited. His face lit up when he saw Thomas. He kept yelling "Thomas the Tank Engine!" We were there for 4 hours and it was worth the drive up. Will had a blast and was worn out afterwards. I think Abby enjoyed it too :)!

Family shot with Toppy! Toppy is what Will started to call Thomas when he was just starting to talk.

Here is Sir Topham Hat. Will didn't want to go near him. Waving from afar was best for him.

Playing with some toys.

This motorized thomas set was Will's favorite. He played with this while Mom and I ate lunch. He was here for about an hour and screamed when we left it.

Riding another train. This one took us in a cave where mice were building a cheese train or something. Will was crying on this one ....

On the boat ride , thinking of daddy. He got in trouble for touching the water, oops!

Driving the car with mommy. He doesn't watch anything while he steers, hopefully this will change one day!

This is the view of the road going up to the top of the mountain while Will and I rode up on the gondola. Mimi walked up this 1/4 of a mile with Abby sleeping in the stroller. Go MIMI!

Will and I on the gondola. He loved this!
Me - not so much.

Abby getting her first tattoo! It was the pink train. We did this to show Will it doesn't hurt. He still would not get one.

He picked out his red James tattoo, but never let them put it on him.
He wanted it to go on his shirt.

All Aboard!

Getting ready to ride on the thomas train.

Will and Mimi on the train ride.

Abby on the train ride. She loved chewing on the water bottles. She was a happy girl the whole day.

Will watching the skit with the cowboys and indians.

Thanks for a great train ride!

Before we left the park Will jumped on this Thomas inflatable. It was so hot out, but he didn't care. He loves these jumpies!

What a fun day! This was all of 2 minutes after we got into the car. He was exhausted.


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