Sunday, June 1, 2008

Yorktown Beach

One afternoon we went to Yorktown beach with the young kids. It was absolutely beautiful. The breeze was refreshing and the sand was so soft.

Mimi was a little cold though... but that shouldn't be a surprise since she is cold most of the time.
This man was in this small canoe right off the water catching all these fish. Will enjoyed "petting" the slimy fish.

He caught a bunch of these "croakers" - dont know if i spelled that right. Thats what the man said they were called. When we got down close to them we could hear them all croaking as they opened their mouths.

Lauren and Will had fun playing together in the sand.

Lauren didn't last that long playing. She was more interested in snacking on mommie's lap.
She loves her mamma!
Abby was interested in a snack also - the sand!
She loved playing in the sand... putting it in her hands and squeezing it. I think I have a beach baby.

Surprisingly she did not eat it at all. She looks like she is going to, but she just wanted to be in it and play.

I went to play with Will was Lauren was ready for a snack. Of course, that didn't last long either because Mimi is always a better playmate when she is around.

It was a perfect getaway for the afternoon. We enjoyed ourselves playing there. Its a neat beach with a lot of war history around it. This is always where Shaun baptizes people from his church- an awesome place to be baptized!