Sunday, June 1, 2008

A glimpse of sunshine

Although it looks like a normal day of fun, these couples hours outside where the only sunshine we had today. I took Will in to the doctor's this morning because he had a fever for two days now and he wasn't sleeping well at night. He also was complaining of his ear saying it hurt and there was a fly in it? weird! It ended up just being a virus, but at least he doesn't have an ear infection. He was sleeping on and off the entire day, but had a little burst of energy so we took advantage of that and filled up the pool for some fun.
So focused on getting that water in there. What a big helper.
His new phrase is "Let me try."

Little cutie - taking it all in.

I sat on the chair so I woudlnt get too wet. Wasn't too successful.

Will kept crying because he didn't want his bathingsuit on. We let him have his way this time because we were at home and he was sick...

She is a water baby. The water was cold and she didn't mind a bit.


Shak Family said...

It was fun to see you at the game. Thanks for sending me your link. I love looking at all of the cute! See you all tonight!

Mari Fontana said...

I bet your mom and dad are loving this time!