Friday, June 6, 2008

Water Park

This is the water park we went to just about every other day. The first day we went Will cried most of the time when water was splashed on him. After warming up to it that first day he LOVED it. He started going down the slides and trying to go in the deeper water. He is always cautious though..... wonder where he gets that from.

Will and his cousin Eli. Buds! Will wanted to follow Eli everywhere.

Abby and mommy sitting in the shallow end, so refreshing on those hot days. A couple days down there it was 99 and 100 degrees.... talk about extreme heat - especially for us northerners!

Will loved the shallow part where he could swim/walk on his hands.

Mr. Zac man. So cute and roly! He just lounged in the water. Content baby.

Sweet Abby girl with her sun hat. She actually kept it on. She loved the water also. She would splash so hard it would hit her face and she would just smile.

Miss drama. Little Lilly and her daddy Scott. Lilly loved to make this face at me. She enjoys the water park but wants to be independent and do everything herself. She doesn't mind if water gets all over her, as long as she is not being told where to go :). She's too funny.