Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mommy Time

Josh went out of town on Friday for one night to be in a fishing tournament so the kids and I had some time together. We played for a while outside before we went in to get a bath.

Will is flying high in this swing. Josh built a swing set out of metal at his shop that Will loves. I will put up more pics of the set.

Abby loves being outside. Now that she is crawling its hard to keep her happy in her little exercausers for long.... but she likes to play in the dirt and watch Will. You can see her hair curling up on the sides. She has my frizzy hair... it was humid out.

So then I put them in the bath to get cleaned up. They love being in the bath together.

Here is a little clip of how happy Abby is being in the bath with Will. Sorry its a little dark.

The bunny and the monkey....
I love them in these towels.

After I put Abby down for bed Will and I had our first "date." We watched a movie and ate popcorn and then he slept in my room with me to keep me company while daddy was gone.
I had told Will all day that we were going to have a date that involved eating popcorn so the entire day he kept asking me if he could eat our date now.... he makes me laugh.


Christy said...

The Children are so cute... we can't wait to see you guys... only 1 week left. love you guys!

Mari Fontana said...

Ok...the Amish funny! Love the towels.