Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mimi and Poppi's House

Well we made it down to Mimi and Poppie's on Memorial Day with no traffic - don't know how- but it was a gift from God! He knew I couldn't handle more traffic with my kids cranky in the car. All in all the kids both traveled very well on the way down. So we are back in good ole' sunny NC. We are really enjoying our time down here although we are missing daddy. Its extremely hot down here to us, but we are trying to find things to do to stay cool.
Will with his famous "duh" expression. He really was having fun riding this bike, we just didn't capture that with the camera.

Will adores this cat - Brookes. He talks to him like he understands. He says "Hi kitty, you really like me. Your'e happy to see me." Too cute! He is so gentle with this cat which is hard to believe considering how rough he is with our dogs.

Abby is faking us out here. She looks like she is happy to be eating but she usually isn't. She will chew on anything and open up her mouth, then when the spoon full of food gets there she closes her lips tight. What a stinker!

Hi Daddy! We love you!