Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dear Mimi,

Happy Birthday

We love you and miss you!
Here are a couple little messages from Will
sorry one of them is sideways, don't know how to fix that yet.

Here are a couple from Abby also!

Love you and miss you all!

Nana's Birthday

February 23rd, 2008
Nana Gehman's Birthday Party!
We started off by heading to Jason and Kate's at 9:00 a.m. to have the men make their mother a birthday lunch. They made yummy ginger chicken, friend rice, and green beans. Kate made a great carrot cake (nana's favorite). We ate an early lunch so that guys could go ice fishing after and Nana and Pappa went to Buffalo to see Selah in concert for her special day. They had a great time at the concert! So while the boys fished... the ladies stayed home with napping children and then met them at the movies for "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything", Veggie tales movie. They all went to the movie while Abby and I shopped. Will's first movie in the big theatre, he Loved it. Josh had to feed him the entire time though to keep him to sit in his seat. It was a fun day! Here are some pics of the day. Sorry, none of the kids at the movie, because the crazy camera lady didn't go in.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Girls with Curls

So Abby wouldn't go back to sleep this morning after her early morning feeding... she kept crying and when i went in to check her she had pooped out of her diaper.... i wouldn't want to sleep in that either. Poor thing! So into the tub she went. She wanted nothing to do with the water until a month ago. So now I'm glad she loves her bath!

She is looking a little long for her tub.

So this is her hairdo when it gets wet. She has some crazy curls. Josh is so happy! When we found out we were having a girl he said he wanted a little girl with curls... so I think he got his wish.

Pink and Green

Of course now that there is a little girl around, she is mostly in PINK! And how cute she is in pink.

Now for Will - he is NEVER in Pink :)! HE does like it though. He has just learned his colors and loves to point then out wherever we are. His favorite color is Green and for a while we thought he was color blind because when we would ask him his colors he said green for each color. Now we know he just loves that color and we are pretty sure why: John Deere Tractors! He is still obsessed with tractors and anything green! He was so excited to eat spinach last night because it was green. He went for it first on his plate. Once he realized it didn't taste as good to him as the green stuff looked he went on to eat his noodles.

My Green Giant!

Playtime with Daddy

Here is what playtime with Josh looks like. The other night his dad came over and built Will a really tall tower. So of course, being a competitive guy, he has to build one even taller. So here is his lego tower. Will was amazed for a couple seconds before he knocked it down.

Here is Josh playing playdoh with Will. They had Abby join in as well - putting the playdoh on her toes.... poor girl. She doesn't look too amused.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Will's 1st Snowman!

Will helped mommy make a snowman yesterday. What fun. The snow was perfect for packing and it actually wasn't too cold out to play in it for a while. Will loved patting down the snow and putting in the sticks for arms. Hobbes and Maggies kept eating the sticks though.... so the arms kept getting shorter and shorter. The snowman's teeth kept falling out also...so he doesn't have a smile, but Will still loved him. His face light up every time he went over to him. Too cute!

Happy Valentine's Day

HAPPY VALENTINES! Will and Abby got Veggie Tale's valentine cards from their Mimi & Poppi. Thanks guys. Will loves his truck and the books and he ate chocolate right after breakfast. See it on his face?

Abby loves her shirt as well. Thanks again. We miss you!

She was getting a little tired of all the pictures. :)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Together Time

Will definitely loves his little sister. And he loves her toys just as much!

I can't leave her alone for any length of time. He always ends up right next to her. He usually doesn't "mean" to hurt her. He just doesn't realize how much bigger he is. He thinks its really fun that she loves to watch him as well.

Will in All his 2"ness"

Will is such a BOY and such a TWO year old Boy at that! He is always running and doing everything full speed. He loves to jump and dance and sing. He especially loves playing sports. He just learned how to play baseball (teeball) and loves it. He hits pretty hard. He is wholehearted into everything he does. He is into coloring and playdoh. He wants to eat an apple at every meal and loves ranch dressing on anything and everything. He is so fun and loves to make you laugh.

He spends most of is time playing with the dogs. They put up with so much! He usually is sitting on them, pulling their tales, or chasing them. Here he is throwing a snowball at Hobbes. All things he learns from his dad :)

I have to keep an eye on him at ALL times! And when I don't ...... he usually gets into trouble.
Oh so sad...

Today he closed himself into the bathroom and this is what Josh and I found. He made the toilet extremely colorful. I had put a box of cheerios in the bathroom to place a few in the bowl to have him aim for them while potty training. Well, it didn't work... he just wanted to spit on them - no peeing in the potty. However, he decided it would be fun to put them ALL in at once.... so when we saw this we asked if he wanted to pee on the potty... it still was a NO. We just had to laugh.

Time Flies!

Abby is now 3 months old! I feel like she was born just yesterday! She is such a sweet little girl - but still only when she is home. She loves to talk to you and smile ALL the time. She just wants her bed when its time to go to sleep (not your arms, not a car seat, and not a swing). She had her 2 month visit a little late, at 3 months. She now weighs 11 pounds 12 oz. Shes our peanut. At this age Will was 15 or 16 pounds. Although she is tiny to us, she is in the 75 % for weight. She is also 24 inches long, 97% for height.
Its funny how different each child is. She is totally opposite of Will. God gave us variety.

She loves to be just in a diaper... Nice and free. Will always wanted his clothes on.

She is starting to hold her head up well.
Yeah she has some ears...good thing she's a girl and can hopefully hide them with her hair!

Always looking for her brother.

She loves to look up at her toys. Here she had a hold of that giraffe for about 30 minutes. It was fun for the most part, then she didn't know how to let it go.

These fun little leggings for babies. Such a great invention. No pants to take on and off when changing a diaper....