Saturday, February 9, 2008

Will in All his 2"ness"

Will is such a BOY and such a TWO year old Boy at that! He is always running and doing everything full speed. He loves to jump and dance and sing. He especially loves playing sports. He just learned how to play baseball (teeball) and loves it. He hits pretty hard. He is wholehearted into everything he does. He is into coloring and playdoh. He wants to eat an apple at every meal and loves ranch dressing on anything and everything. He is so fun and loves to make you laugh.

He spends most of is time playing with the dogs. They put up with so much! He usually is sitting on them, pulling their tales, or chasing them. Here he is throwing a snowball at Hobbes. All things he learns from his dad :)

I have to keep an eye on him at ALL times! And when I don't ...... he usually gets into trouble.
Oh so sad...

Today he closed himself into the bathroom and this is what Josh and I found. He made the toilet extremely colorful. I had put a box of cheerios in the bathroom to place a few in the bowl to have him aim for them while potty training. Well, it didn't work... he just wanted to spit on them - no peeing in the potty. However, he decided it would be fun to put them ALL in at once.... so when we saw this we asked if he wanted to pee on the potty... it still was a NO. We just had to laugh.