Saturday, February 9, 2008

Time Flies!

Abby is now 3 months old! I feel like she was born just yesterday! She is such a sweet little girl - but still only when she is home. She loves to talk to you and smile ALL the time. She just wants her bed when its time to go to sleep (not your arms, not a car seat, and not a swing). She had her 2 month visit a little late, at 3 months. She now weighs 11 pounds 12 oz. Shes our peanut. At this age Will was 15 or 16 pounds. Although she is tiny to us, she is in the 75 % for weight. She is also 24 inches long, 97% for height.
Its funny how different each child is. She is totally opposite of Will. God gave us variety.

She loves to be just in a diaper... Nice and free. Will always wanted his clothes on.

She is starting to hold her head up well.
Yeah she has some ears...good thing she's a girl and can hopefully hide them with her hair!

Always looking for her brother.

She loves to look up at her toys. Here she had a hold of that giraffe for about 30 minutes. It was fun for the most part, then she didn't know how to let it go.

These fun little leggings for babies. Such a great invention. No pants to take on and off when changing a diaper....