Monday, January 28, 2008

Crabby Abby?

The other day my father-in-law called Abby, "Crabby Abby" and it definitely does describe her sometimes. It used to be all the time that she was a crab, but now its mainly when she is out of the house. She is a homebody. She hates going shopping - i know what kind of girl is she? :) She hates her car seat. But if she is at home she is a happy smiley baby. Unless Will is shoving a pacifier in her mouth too hard, when mommy isn't looking. He's just trying to help and do what mommy does. Anyway, Abby has been much happier lately and just loves when you look at her and talk to her.

How could this sweet face be crabby right?

Josh calls her "little poppi" - because we think she looks like my dad.

I love her in this adorable hat my friend Rachel just sent us. Thanks Rachel! It comes with booties and a shall, how cute.

Mamma's Girl!

Mamma's Girl!

Little update on Will: He is talking in sentences more - although we can't understand them half the time. He is full of life and always on the go. We attempted potty training and that was not on this two year old's agenda. He loves his sister - a little too much sometimes. He is our big boy now. We are so proud of him because he now goes to the two year old room at church. No more baby nursery. He doesn't need his blankets there anymore either and he leaves his room for a little while each Sunday to go to the "big house" where all ages of kids meet to have praise and worship. The Sunday school teachers said he is just amazed when he is there. I wish I could watch it. One of the songs he sings now is "God is so good." We are so thankful he loves to go to church and be influences at such a young age.


christine said...

so good to hear from you!!!! i didn't even know you guys had a blog! and i'm embarrassed to say that these are the first pictures i've seen of abby :-( but she's adorable! i hope things are going well for you there! lets keep the communication going!