Thursday, October 29, 2009


The other night Josh and I decided to carve pumpkins with the kids. We thought it would be fun for THEM! They didn't like the slimy mess. So Josh and I ended up doing all the work. But they enjoyed watching and seeing the finished productS!

Abby tried on one of Josh's work gloves to give it a second chance, but she still didn't want to do it.

I made Will put his hand in for a picture... haha, mean mommy. He made sure he got it in, but didn't touch anything!

Josh making silly faces as usual.

From left to right...

Will's pumpkin (tractor), my pumpkin (a 'G' for Gehman), Josh's (football with a wing, for the Eagles), and Abby's (bob the tomato, since she loves veggie tales)

Nate just watched everyone and ate some rice cereal :)! That was his second try with the cereal. He didn't care either way. He kind of just let it all come right back out.


Christy said...

looked like fun! Did you guys do trick or treating yesterday? I forgot to ask you this morning. we didn't do pumpkins this year... we've just been so busy and so sick and so whatever else.