Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Long Overdue

I have been meaning to post pictures of the house w/ the rock gardens for a while! I wanted my mom to see how her plants blossomed, grew, and looked great! A few things died, but thats because the night she planted them, we had a late frost... go figure!

Corn stalks from our garden - and our painted pumpkins.

The flowers!

This back small rock bed we just put down. We haven't mulched it yet or added much to it.
Just showing our slow progress! Thanks for looking, now you can all come visit to see the real deal :)!


Christy said...

beautiful... I love the corn stalks... oh and maybe we'll be up sooner than you think?! Who knows what the Lord has in store. I am just waiting, hands raised, giving HIM everything. Love you so much... tried calling... hopefully we'll talk soon.