Monday, August 10, 2009

2 weeks in NC

So after the wedding, Josh drove home to work and I drove to NC with my mom and the kids. It was almost a 14 hour drive and it was a little hairy at times. Thankfully my wonderful mother drove most of it so I could keep climbing in the back to help the kids during their many meltdowns. There are a million pictures from our time in NC and they are mostly out of order, but oh well.

One night Will and Abby played dress up. They had just gotten out of the bath... thats why they don't have clothes on under their costumes. Will was a naked knight!

And Abby was a sweet little angel. This was my costume once. We had to pin the back of the tutu because she's so tiny it kept falling off.

One night Mimi had ice cream sandwiches for the kids. They devoured them. Can you tell they enjoyed themselves???

Just a little messy... I think that's and understatement. When I picked Abby up she managed to have it stuck to the bottom of her legs and pants...talent!

Will had a sleepover with Mimi one night when Poppi was away with his team. Abby tried to get in on the action, but that wasn't going to happen!

Such a happy baby. Fat and happy is my motto with him :)!

This is Li. She is from Brazil and used to live with my parents. Her husband plays for my dad's soccer team. She is the one who is having her church pray for Nate. It was a pleasure to meet her and she enjoyed Nate as well!

At the pool (where we went everyday- so much fun). This day was our last time there and we had Li and a friend Kari (and her two girls and one boy on the way) come to play that day. The kids all had so much fun together!

Some of the kids sharing grapes together - or should I say all trying to shove as many in their mouths at once so they could eat the most :)!

Abby wasn't sure of the crowds of people, so she wanted to be held a lot.

Will got over his fear of the water splashing on his head and finally went down the slides.

Zac man managing to get one finger up his nose and two in his mouth. He is a snuggler, wants to be held a lot, especially by his Mimi. Abby called him Zach-ie!

Will and Lilly played so well together, especially in the pool. It was so cute to watch.

Abby not so sure again.

Nate slept a lot at the pool, I think he liked all the noises!

Poppi with Eli and Will at the nascar races.

Heading up to the race.

Does Will know whats going on? I think he is in one of his stares!


Gigi (my grandmother) came to NC the last few days we were there to visit. She hasn't seen my kids since Abby was 6 weeks old. It was so nice for her to spend time with them. They really enjoyed her. One morning my mom and I went out yardsale-ing for a few hours and she kept them busy... playing chase, reading books, duck duck goose and much more.... they had a blast, and were all worn out at the end !!! This is a picture of her in the way back seat of my van in between the car seats. that is where I was going to sit, but she insisted on climbing back there with them.

Zac eating dirt, AGAIN :)! This boy can eat anything and everything that isn't food and be fine w/ it.

Abby just being Abby.

Christy and I with our kids. Wish we lived closer to each other so our kids could grow up together!

Take two! Love them!

We rarely get pictures of just us.

Will rode this morning, noon, and night! Right when he woke up he would ask to go outside to ride this. He got pretty daring!

We had such a great time in NC this summer. We went to the pool almost everyday, got to visit with some old friends, and got to spend a lot of quality time with family. Couldn't ask for more!
Thanks Mimi and Poppi for keeping us, we had the best time!!!


joe erin and molly winkels said...

great pictures!
it was so good to talk to you earlier this week - it always feels like no time has gone by between talks and i hope it always is that way! always praying for you and the fam.
love ya

Christy said...

love the pictures. I hope you guys are doing well... I tried calling I think yesterday.. . anyway... I'll talk wtih you soon.
Love you