Friday, May 9, 2008


For all of you who visit our blog - first of all, thanks for being a part of our lives :)
Second and more important- I am asking for you all to join me in praying for my little niece Lilly Grace Tennyson. This is my sister Christy's second child. Lilly is going to be two in September and she has been sick on and off (but mainly on) since she turned one. It has been a rough ride for her. Ear infection after ear infection. She catches every cold and sickness that goes around. She has had bad allergies and a few other different things going on. Lately she has been very sick with a couple ear infections (after having tubes put in), strep throat, pneumonia, and very high fevers. She had blood taken a few days ago to test for cystic fibrosis and other immune disorders. It came back with counts that were not normal, but Christy didn't remember which counts where what. The doctor is sending them to an allergy specialist and an immunologist.
It would be nice if it were just bad allergies that are triggering her to catch every sickness and not be able to get rid of them - because they would be able to take steps in the right direction to help her get better. We know that God loves this little Lilly more than we do and has her in His hands. Please pray for Christy and Scott through this time with all the different tests Lilly has to go through. Please pray for Lilly that she will be healed and they will find out what is going on.
Thank you for praying!