Thursday, May 1, 2008

Its Officially Fishing Season...

All i can say is YEAH!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy its fishing season again. No - not really... but Josh is...anyone surprised about that? He was out in the cold water with his nice tight fishing wetsuit. I wasn't worried about any girls looking at him while he was gone :)!

Nice pose! He didn't want this on the blog.. but he knew it was inevitable.

Josh took Will down the street to our friend's pond where he knew Will would catch something right away. It was their first time fishing together. Will enjoyed it for a short time. He caught at least 4 fish right away. He didn't really want to touch them though - Josh is going to have to work with him on that one.
Aww... father/son moment!
That shadow is Abby and I - just watching the boys.

Will's first fish

Reeling it in! VERY SLOWLY!