Monday, May 12, 2008

6 Months already!

Time is flying by! I feel like I just sat down to post about Abby's turning 5 months. Well she is now 6 months and is still a little one!

She is now:
  • saying DaDa all the time
  • she loves sucking her thumb
  • she laughs whenever Will is paying her attention
  • she loves to watch Will
  • she rolls over all the time
  • loves anything with a tag on it
  • she is sitting up on her own for a little bit (until she sees something she wants, then she falls over trying to reach it)
  • scooting backwards and around in circles when she is on her belly
  • wants everything in her mouth
  • always wants people in her view....she starts crying when she realizes she is by herself
(i will leave a room, hear her cry, go check on her and when she sees me she stops)
  • decided she only wants to eat oatmeal, but hey at least she's eating something now!
Here are a couple recent pics of Abby at the park.
(People say you take less pictures with each child - I guess that isn't true for me. I love taking pictures whenever I can. Maybe its just a hobby for me.)