Monday, September 29, 2008

Abbys new moves

So, Abby has been on the move since the day she was born I think. But now she is climbing more than ever and even walking. She is just about 11 months old already!

She climbs into this tub of shoes about 20 times a day. She loves it in there!

Will always tries to get in even though I won't let him.... not enough room for the two of them in there. We tried it once and someone ended up crying.

Here she is walking. She walks more than she crawls now and she is
getting pretty fast. She is also taking better naps from being
worn out!


Christy said...

wow, I still can't believe she is walking... have a great day, hope you continue to feel as good as you did today.
love you

Clinton and Misty Dosio said...

Thanks! My blog definitely looks better now. :) I am hoping to start soon, but my husband wants to wait another year or so. We'll see...:) Hopefully I'll win this one. :) Your little ones are just too cute. Are you working at all or are you staying home with your kids?

Tracy @ our Journey said...

Yay! Boy they aren't little long enough!