Monday, September 29, 2008

This and That

These are just a few shots of random things going on here lately. I haven't posted in almost two weeks and its mainly because things around here have been "boring" and I constantly feel like I am going to throw up or want to go to bed. So, most of you know already.... but I feel this way because there is a little someone making me feel miserable right now. Baby #3 is on the way. We are thrilled and a little surprised all at the same time. This new one will join us, Lord willing, in May sometime. I haven't been to the doctor yet for an exact due date. So since I feel wiped out most of the time.... we haven't done much lately but lay around the house.

Just a cute shot of Abby with her fountain hair-do.

Will loves making tents and houses with anything and everything we can. Here Josh was attempting to sit in the house with them and read books.
One night last week we did venture out. We went to my sister-in-law's grandfathers house about an hour away. The boys fished and the girls hung around. Abby enjoyed their swing.

Annie fishing with the big pole!

Abby's first time fishing. So I guess the girls fished a little too.

Will is trying to use Aiden's rocket fishing pole.... still a little young for this - but that didn't stop him from trying over and over!

And I guess it wouldn't be nice if I didn't post a picture of my man with his catch!
I think he looks like he's in his glory, huh?


Anonymous said...

I CANT BELIEVE YOURE PREGO!!! Congratulations and you go've obviously been very busy behind closed doors!:)

Hopefully, one day next year I'll be able to say that I have a bun in the oven:)

Clinton and Misty Dosio said...

Congratulations Sarah! That's so exciting!

Mari Fontana said...

CONGRATULATIONS...That's awesome. I hope you start feeling better soon.