Thursday, September 11, 2008


Wills first time flying a kite. All day it was extremely windy and Will kept saying, "It's SO windy mommy... lets do our kite today." I kept asking him to wait until daddy got home so we could all do it together. Of course when Josh got home the wind stopped almost all together. They got it going with a couple bursts of wind. Later that night it was like storm weather out so we let him take the kite out again and we had great success! He so enjoyed this!

Here he was crying because he thought he should be doing it first
and Josh was just trying to get it started!

He got it!

On to another totally unrelated subject... my first eggplant! It is the weirdest looking eggplant I've ever seen. It looks like the shape of a shell almost. We'll see what it turns out to be. At least something is coming in finally!

and here is my little pumpkin. This is the second one I saw starting to grow. My first one stopped growing and died. So hopefully this one won't. No others are budding yet, so I'm thinking only one pumpkin this year.


Christy said...

We tried doing a kite this year also.. and Eli got so frustrated because he wanted to start it out and wasn't able to get it up. It was also a cheap kite, one that is all plastic, so it broke pretty quickly. HOpe you guys have more fun with it than we did! Well it looks like you already have! Love you and miss you lots...

Mari Fontana said...

We tried kite flying this year was a good laugh...I enjoyed watching daddy sal run his tail off trying to get it off the ground WAY FUNNY!!!
The kids look so cute in your deck the deck....and I am a little jealous about the deck and that your kids are in sweaters in those pic's...Its soooo HOT here If I could I'd be in a bikini (ill gross...not a pretty thought after 4...yuck!) Anyway...just wanted to say hi and I have rambled enough!!