Thursday, September 11, 2008


Since we have moved in a little over a year ago, Josh has wanted to build a deck. We haven't been able to use our back sliding doors because of the drop and no deck. I didn't see it as being a necessity. So, I gave in. This is Josh's early birthday present from EVERYONE who ever gives him money for his birthday... haha, so Happy Birthday Josh!

I am happy that he did it though. The kids LOVE it and it is nice to be able to use that back door. Will now has a place to ride his bike on a smooth surface since we have rocks as our driveway. He is out here constantly. We ate dinner on our patio set out there last night and even though the sun was hitting us in the face, we enjoyed it!

These are the stairs he made the other weekend to the side of our house. Our temporary stairs that we had before were not the most practical as it was a high step up to get in and very narrow. It is so much easier to get in and out now, especially for Will. Great job Babe!

Here is the start...

Here is the progress made. He is finished other than making the steel railing in the shop.
Yes, that is Abby in the background heading for the side... I put the extra wood around the edges so she can't fall off and right after I took this picture I ran over and got her :)!!

Abby knows her boundaries... she is pretty cautious... but I
do follow her around every second up here.

The kiddos having a blast together!

Josh made a small "temporary" ramp for
Will to ride his bike down until we get railings on.
He had one slight wipe out... but other than that he has been
doing well.


Christy said...

Wow, sa the deck ROCKS! It is huge! I am sure you guys are going to be using it all the time...I would be! Oh, and the ramp... you'be gotta keep that around, Will as he gets older would love it like that... I know Eli would be having an absolute blast with that ramp! The pumpkin is so cute, and the egplant... that will end up getting longer as it gets older... that is how they all start out... I remember from up in NY when Oma used to have her huge garden. Oh, Abby looks too cute in that sweater... Lilly never wore it cause it was too small when I had gotten it. I can't believe how big she is getting and how much hair she has... it's so cute!

Jen said...

Sa, the deck looks awesome!! We were just talking about that while I was up with you!! As I am on your blog Lauren keeps asking "God our father". She loves seeing Will over and over again, sing his prayer!! I am so jealous about your garden! Mine died while I was visting you. Oh, well!! I'll try it next year. love you Jen

Tracy at Our Journey said...

Love the deck....been wanting to build an extension to ours for a while now-:o{-your family is beautiful-found your blog over at Christy's & thought I'd pop in and say HI!