Monday, October 6, 2008

Ice Pops and Jammies

Will wanted to wear these PJ hand-me-downs from his cousins the other night. It was cold out and he liked the feel of these. This is how he woke up in the morning. The buttons were not so good at keeping the shirt closed. He didn't like this because he is very particular about things (firstborn)! So that is the last time he will wear that shirt.... but he looked like a little man!

Both of my kids LOVE ice pops. Will 's favorite place to eat his ice pop is on the front porch in a rocking chair.... even when its cold outside. It was SO cold this day that I made him eat his pop inside. So Abby saw it and wanted one.... I gave in. Well, it isn't the first time. She is my second, what can I say? She usually just takes a couple licks of my ice pop. I really like ice pops when I'm feeling so nauseas. However, this time she decided she could do it on her own.

Even though her hand was cold, she wouldn't let it go.

She looks all grown up with sneakers on and her hair up!!!
But this is a 6 month outfit...
she is still a little peanut.