Thursday, October 30, 2008

She got a Pony ...

for her first birthday! Mimi got Abby her first horse! This play horse is so much fun for both kids. Abby got this as an early birthday present from my mom while she was still in town. Will wanted to ride it and play with it right away and had to be held back so Abby could see it. She really loves it. She plays with a lot of Will's tractors and cars, so its nice to see her enjoy a "girly" toy.

Will pushes her around the house and she loves it. This way, they are both happy! The horse has a button on the side that you can push to make music and Abby laughs every time she pushes it because she gets a kick out of doing it herself. Too cute!
Thanks again Mimi!


Christy said...

Very cute, I can't believe she is so grown up... able to stay on the horse all by herself... Zach would topple over!