Monday, October 6, 2008


Its been so beautiful here lately. With the cool crisp, yet sunny weather and the leaves changing colors....I decided to take the kids down the road to this field and take some pictures on this hail bail. The leaves are changing early this year and they are very vibrant. God is an amazing artist.
If you click on these pictures to see them larger - you can see them in better detail.

Will - my cute boy growing up so fast!

Abby doesn't smile much for the camera.
She also is sick here, so in between shots I was wiping the snot off her face, nice huh!?

Will adores Abby... too cute!

Sweet kisses!!! He was a little sick too, so they are just sharing the germs and the love!


Mari Fontana said...

SOOO Cute...I was looking at pictures yesterday...they grow so fast. One day you'll be looking at these and thinking how fast it is going.

joe erin and molly winkels said...

I just love the picures. Now I am really getting into this blog thing and I have told all of our family about it, and am hoping that they will do the same!
The kids look so big! even though abby is just a peanut!
I miss you terribly, and am hoping that we will be able to see eachother soon!
love ya