Friday, October 17, 2008


A couple weekends ago we celebrated my sister-in-law's birthday on her property about 10 minutes away from where we live now. They have this land on the side of a mountain that is beautiful. The leaves in this picture do not do it justice. We ate dinner, hung out, and roasted marshmallows once it got dark. Josh's other brother, Benn and his wife Mandy and their 6 kids drove in from TN the night before (to stay for 10 days with Nana and Papa) - so they were there for the festivities as well. All of the cousins had a blast together.

The kids enjoying their hot dogs.

Josh is up on the right in that tree. He was the biggest kid there! He hurt his ankle a little doing that which wasn't the greatest because he was playing in his high school alumni football game the next night. I didn't get any more pictures of that night because my camera battery died.

This is a picture of the "oldies" playing football. Benn, Jason, and Josh all played together on the same team. They each scored touchdowns as well. They had a great time playing together and being sore together the next several days :)!!

We are thankful no one got injured!!!

This is Kate, Nana, Mandy and some of the cousins sitting on the bleachers watching the game.

The kids watched and then played in the dirt/sand. Will actually sat for a really long time trying to find daddy out there - it was so cute!
It was fun for me to get to watch Josh play, since I wasn't around during his football days!