Saturday, December 8, 2007

Thanksgiving in VA

This year we spent Thanksgiving in VA at Jen and Shaun's new house. It was so nice to be together with all our family. We had a great time with tons of kids all over the place. It was especially interesting traveling with a two week old infant, but it was worth it. We are so thankful the Lord has blessed us with this family!

Christy and Scott's newest: Zac! What a cutie.

This picture says it all : difficult taking pictures with little ones.... oh yeah and josh too :)!

Thanks Jen and Shaun for a great time and opening your house to us. What a blessing!

Oma and Opa came to visit too - that was really special!

Zac and Abby! 6 weeks apart!

Lots of football and soccer dodgeball was played. Looks like they enjoyed themselves. Abby and I sat that one out. Mimi though was right in on the action!


Christy said...

Hi Guys,
I love the blog spot you have... all the pics are great. I love the last one of Will... where his hair is all done up in a fow-hawk. Sweet! And Abby, the newest pics are great, I can tell she is really growing up and filling out in her face a tiny bit. She is so beautiful! Please give Will and Abby big hugs and Kisses from Their Aunt Christy. Love you guys and miss you so much.