Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Our feisty little peanut

We went to the doctor's today for Abby's 4 month check up (yeah she is a little over 5 months). She is our little one. At this age Will weighed 19 1/2 pounds. Here are Abby's stats:
13 1/2 pounds (a little under 50%) , 26 inches long (97%). She is long, but thin. She refuses to eat rice cereal for me. I've tried every day now for about 2 weeks. The doctor told me to mix it in with some baby food now to try and get her to eat it. We'll see. - she seems to do what she wants, when she wants :). Will was so concerned for her when she got her shots : so sweet! She screamed so much after the shots, but quieted down after a while. She is in good health, so we are thankful for that! She is always moving and looking around. She hardly sits back in this baby swing anymore. I have to have both straps on at all times and she is usually sitting up leaning against the straps to see what all is going on. She now likes to wake up at 6 am :(, but at least she wakes up happy. Will sleeps in usually until about 8, so I'm asking him to teach Abby how to sleep. She loves to be in her exersaucer and the johnny jumper. Always on the move.