Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Another year at the Gehman cabin for the 4th of July. Every year we all meet at Josh's grandfaterh's cabin for a few days. The guys always put off fireworks, and this year they were the best yet. Here are some pictures of our time there....

The Whole Gehman Clan. 10 Adults, 15 kids!
It was SO muddy there from all of the rain we have had up here. The kids had a blast in it though. Made for some interesting clothes and more interesting laundry!

Will and Annie playing in the mud. Will always likes to be clean and usually freaks out if he gets dirty. So Annie was playing in the mud and we asked Will to join her. He was hesitant at first, but then really got into it!

See he really got into it!!!

Mud from head to toe!

Abby and Annie running down the hill. Abby fell on her face at the bottom, but got right up and wanted to do it again!

Papa taking all the kids for a gator ride.

Abby fishing with daddy.

Will caught a huge sunfish!

The huge slip-n-slide! Most of the kids had a blast on this. Mine were a little too scared. Will went down twice and Abby went down the bottom part twice. (but they were helped and didn't like it)

Aiden, Annie, and little Ren (lauren)!

Jason and Kate with their kids. What a great family shot!

Nana with Lauren.

Papa with Nate.

Nate and Lauren. One month apart.

Too Cute!

An attempt at getting a picture of just the kids. Ha!

Abby dressed in her 4th of July clothes for the family picture. She looked too cute in her skirt and boots.

Me and my 3 sweet babies!

Sword fights with the Styrofoam.

Abby chasing after Fritz (cousin's dog). She loves animals, and wanted to follow him most of the time. She also went in his cage, played with his food, spilled his water over and over and stole his toys. What a fun playmate.

Many of the cousins walking around the edge of the pond - it was COLD!

Will pretending to drive the 4wheeler

Happy 4th everyone!


joe erin and molly winkels said...

love the picutes!
miss you!