Monday, September 21, 2009


Wow, its fall here but starting to feel like winter to me. The leaves are changing (which I love to see), the air smells different and feels crisp, we are pulling out hats and jackets, and have put the air conditioner away. So sad to me. Feels like we didn't get much of a warm summer this year. Season's change, right? It's a beautiful thing (other than forever long snowy months), although sometimes taken with hesitation at first.

Looks like Nate is happy about it though!

Will is still learning that its too cold for his short sleeve shirts. But he has a hard time saying goodbye to his clothes :)!

Will and I built this little fire pit in our backyard and waited for daddy to get home to light it for us. It was so relaxing to sit by the fire and make smores. Will (being the cautious child that he is) would stand as far away as he could to try and roast his marshmallow... sometimes just throwing his stick at the fire... haha.
Nate loved staring at the flames.

Excuse the hair here.... oh wait, it almost always looks crazy like this :). She needs it tamed.
Abby would only eat the marshmallows, wasn't sure about the smore. Which was fine by me, she has enough energy for our whole family combined, without chocolate entering her little body.

And of course Will doesn't want to smile at the camera, but he made a nice looking smore.
Yes, its starting to get cold... but we are tryin' to keep warm !


Christy said...

so cute! I am sure it's gettin' cold... I think I am going to send the snuggle thing and a couple jackets up to you for Abby and such! Love you!