Monday, May 10, 2010


This is Will's first year of TBball! He LOVES it! He wakes up early from naps when he knows its either a day for practice or a game. He has only had 2 games so far and they were only 2 innings long :). I love to watch him play. He is so focused for a 4 year old!

Will is #2. That is Josh standing next to him getting him ready to bat. Josh and his brother Jason are the coaches.
I love that Will gets to share this experience with his daddy!

His cousin is also on his team and is hitting in this picture.

Shaking hands at the end of the game. They are all so little and cute in their uniforms.

Will practicing his catching and throwing with his cousin.

They give you three pitches and then let you hit off of the T. Will hasn't gotten a hit yet without having to use the T, but he doesn't seem to be bothered by that. When he practices at home, he hits it from being pitched to, almost every time. So I wonder why he doesn't get it in the games... maybe he gets nervous like I do??

He's a pretty fast runner.

My little sidekicks at the game. Abby is all over the place and watches the game for like 2 seconds.

Nate gets to watch the games and see his cousins too!

Just a random picture of Will. He loves to pick dandelions and loves to pose for the camera right now! What a fun stage in life watching my children grow and watching Will start playing sports!