Sunday, March 6, 2011

Not a Lot Going On

So this is why I haven't had much to post about lately....SNOW! We haven't seen the ground in a while and so we have been doing the same things as the last time I posted with the kids sledding! The kids are ready for the snow to be gone, but while I type this we are having another snow storm where they expect another 8 inches! Will asked me when he can play in grass again, and Abby said yesterday, "I think its almost springtime mommy!" One day it will come :). But for now, this is what its like around here!

Nate couldn't even stand in in this day. The first day we got about 14 inches and then about two days later we got another 9!

Nate is trying to get around me and into the house as fast as he can!
So there it is, snow, it just doesn't want to leave us right now ~ but we are ready for it to!