Wednesday, July 16, 2008

4th of July - Gehman Style

Gehman family tradition - every fourth of July everyone tries to meet at Josh's grandfather's cabin. Usually everyone makes it and its a crazy, but fun, madhouse. This year it was going to be the 10 adults and 13 kids - but God had other plans this year. My sister - in -law , Mandy had her 6th baby a couple weeks late and were not able to make it. My mother-in-law, MaryLou was down in TN with them helping out - so this year the cabin was different. It was pretty quiet, but we still had a good time. We missed the rest of the fam though.

Here are the kids at the huge table in the kitchen. They are all in this picture except for Catherine and Abby. It goes... (left to right) Grace, Aiden, Andrew, Will, and Annie. They had a blast together.

Will and Annie hanging out in the kitchen. These two usually are anywhere that there is food! They also were inside whenever the adults were inside because they aren't old enough to be near the pond without supervision - that was hard for Will to understand.

Oh - and I guess there is some fishing that went on....
The boys fish ALL day usually while we are at the cabin - no wonder they love it there so much!

Catherine found this tiny lizard while the kids went out on a nature walk with Aunt Melissa. It was the smalles thing ever! She carried it everywhere with her....until you know what happened... woops. She was really cute with it.

All of the grand kids with Papa
(except Abby) - on a four wheeler ride.

They are on the 4 wheeler going up the mountain - see the white spot?

Here is one of the big fish Josh caught.... Will doesn't seem too impressed though.

Will enjoyed fishing with Josh this time more than he has any other time. He stayed out there with him for a while.

Josh loves this picture because he is proud that Will is concentrating on fishing while the other kids in the background are doing something else.... oh my.

Oh wait - some more fishing.....
Lets just say the boys enjoyed their time! :)
That little dog is Fritz.... he is a cutie and the kids love him. Matt and Melissa brought their new dog along.

We had a few fireworks this year that the kids enjoyed and we spent a couple nights playing some games (of course Josh just loved that part of it all)! We had a great time with the fam.
Happy 4th!