Tuesday, July 29, 2008

No Girls Allowed!

Friday night, Josh and Will experienced "male bonding." They slept in our yard in a tent. This tent was huge. It sleeps 16 people. We don't own a tent so we borrowed Josh's brother's tent. Josh laughed at me for dressing Will in winter pj's - but the next day was happy about it because it was really cold that night. Josh was wishing he had something warmer on than shorts and a t-shirt.

Will was SO excited about this tent. He kept running in and out and jumping on the air mattress. I didn't think he was going to stay in it the whole night, but he slept straight through until daddy woke him up in the morning at 6am to go fishing!!!

I kept taking pictures and Josh wanted me to leave so they could be alone and have their boy time.... thanks a lot! I guess there will be more of this as Will gets older.

Good night mom!

Ok - really we are fine out here... goodnight!

I was nervous that a bear would get them or that Will would wander out or something....(Will has been know to wander out of bed at night). But they did great and the birds woke Josh up early in the morning, so they got in a few good hours fishing. Will was so worn out that on the way home from fishing at 930 am he fell asleep in the car and didn't wake up for a while after Josh pulled in at home. Successful bonding time I would say!


Christy said...

Hey Sa,
The whole male bonding thing is great... but wait, we get to do the female bonding... shopping and getting pedicures together... I think that trumps fishing any day! I am sure will had a blast... Eli misses him, and when I look at Abby's pictures Lilly started screaming and pointing... saying (or trying to say) Abby... love you abby. she kept touching the screen and trying to give her a kiss through it! Miss you.
Oh, I sent the cd's out today.. it should be there in a couple days. Thanks!

Gabby said...


Susie Homemaker said...

How fun is that?? I can't wait until Seven in old enough to do things like that with his Dad!

Okay, about the Biter Biscuits - mine were anything but gooey. Maybe it was the type of cereal I used? Sev has just run out of them, so I will try to come up with a foolproof recipe for you!! He loved these!
Thanks for dropping by my blog...