Monday, August 4, 2008

Tub Paint Fun

So we made bath tub paint the other night and let Will paint our faces and feet. We had so much fun with this - all cramped in this tiny bathroom. This paint is so easy to make and easy to clean up which is even better. Sorry we all look so bad in these pictures, but we were tired and were outside getting huge rocks out of the river and so we are looking pretty beat.

Painted Daddy

Mr Green, his favorite color

Yeah, see the wild hair....

Here is the recipe....
1T cornstarch
1/3 cup of dish soap (i used dawn)
food coloring (couple drops)


Christy said...

that is so awesome. Where do you find all these cool things to do with them. Where do you find the recipies? Looks like fun... and man for being wiped you look awesome. You are so beautiful! I love you. Talk to you soon.

Mari Fontana said...

TOO much fun! Sounds like you are living the good old days to the fullest!
Thanks for the recipe!

Gabby said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah
I linked to your blog from your sister, Jen's. Sounds like you guys are doing great! You have a beautiful family. Just wanted to say "hi"
Lots of love,
Leslie ...Paul's wife. :-)